Precautions to take in sexual relations due to the coronavirus

Precauciones a tomar en las relaciones sexuales debido al coronavirus

With the coronavirus cases increasingor, many people they are concerned about the spread of the virus.

The virus has been shown to spread through fluids or mucus in the nose and mouth that contain the virus.

For this reason, concern about the safety of having sex during the outbreak.

Speaking to The Mirror the Dr. Simran Deo, explained: “Because this strain of coronavirus is new, we do not know exactly how infections are transmitted from person to person.

However, we know that other similar conditions are transmitted by coughing and sneezing and coming into contact with those tiny drops of fluid. Experts suspect the same is true of COVID-19, but more research is underway. “

In any case, the official guide issued by health organizations advises that we avoid contact with infected people ”, explained the doctor.

The coronavirus cure is “possible” as scientists claim that two existing drugs could treat the disease, the newspaper reports.

“Epidemiologists are encouraging people to limit or avoid physical manifestations of affection while identifying the ways in which coronavirus is transmitted, so it is not recommended to have sex with someone who has coronavirus or who is in quarantine during the incubation phase of the virus.

While there is no evidence that bodily fluids like sperm and vaginal discharge can transmit the coronavirus, it is always a good idea to practice safe sex and use a condom, to help protect against sexually transmitted infections and accidental pregnancy.“, They add.

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The sexual psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller has revealed his top tips for these cases, including considering alternative forms of sexual expression and avoid sexual contact if you have any symptoms.

The tips are these:

Not dating during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Social distancing is the key to avoiding the massive spread of the virus and slowing the curve,” he explained. The goal is to ensure that we do not have an increase in cases that completely saturate health centers.

Avoid sex if you have any symptoms

If you or your partner have any symptoms, it is probably advisable to avoid any sexual contact.

“Avoid sexual activity if you are experiencing signs or symptoms of this infection. However, keep in mind that this virus can spread even when people do not experience symptoms, ”the expert recalled.

Consider alternative forms of sexual expression.

Finally, Dr. Lehmiller advises considering “alternative forms” of sexual expression during the pandemic, such as sexting, cybersex and phone sex They are ways of having sex with a partner without posing any risk of coronavirus infection (or STDs, obviously, too).


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