Presenter Maripily Rivera defends Julián Gil and affirms that Marjorie de Sousa is “deranged”

Presenter Maripily Rivera defends Julián Gil and affirms that Marjorie de Sousa is "deranged"

Marjorie de Sousa
Marjorie de Sousa has been widely criticized in recent days for her interpretation of “Wrong” Thalía’s success | Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Marjorie de Sousa continues to add criticism. Last week he was the target of ridicule and questioning after publishing a video interpreting a version of the song “Wrong”, a 2009 hit by Thalía. And although with her artistic side she wanted to rest from the controversial headlines that monopolized by the fight with her former Julián Gil, she did not succeed. The lawsuit for the possession and support of the child they have in common remains a very hot topic.

In this regard, the Puerto Rican driver Maripily Rivera opined and in the midst of the conflict, assured that the Venezuelan actress is “deranged.”

“I do not sponsor that type of situation and relationship, because father is a father, no matter what happens, no matter where he is, no matter what happens, the father is his father, I understand that she is deranged,” he said in a Interview with Suelta la Sopa.

“I know Julián, he is an excellent dad. I know, I have seen him. I have lived with him. I know how much he must be suffering. I do not know what head it is for a mother to do what she is doing. The child is going to grow and when he finds out, it will take its toll, “said Rivera.

In this way, the Puerto Rican presenter disapproved of Marjorie de Sousa’s attitude by blocking Julián Gil to see his son Matías Gregorio. And she felt that she has the authority to speak about the matter since she also separated from the father of her son and did not prevent the relationship between the two despite no longer being together.

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