Press relations: what is its interest?

Relation presse : quel est son intérêt ?

Using a press relations agency can sometimes be essential for your business. Indeed, to access certain media, you will need to use this service.

But what is the press relation? What are the advantages ? Anthedesign explains everything to you.

What is the press relation?

The press relationship is a set of techniques that can be used for a company to appear in the local or national trade press. Through press releases, press kits or even conferences, the company that uses this remedy benefits from a strong press marketing strategy.

paper press relation

Thanks to these techniques, you obtain an editorial, a visual or a sound in the various traditional media thus giving you the possibility of promoting your product.

Communication is an integral part of our society. To surpass the competition, it is necessary today to use all the means at your disposal to present your products and services to as many people as possible. Like any other marketing campaign, the press relationship meets certain operating criteria.

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The success of a press marketing campaign depends on the medium in which you will find yourself. Indeed, an optimized article in a popular newspaper or magazine will have a better chance of increasing your sales than an advertising insert in the local gazette.

Finally, the press officer acts as the link between the company and the broadcast media. This actor is there to listen and advise companies that call on him. By following a precise strategy, he will set up your press marketing plan and select the most important media. He will then follow your progress and create a healthy relationship between your company and the news agency.

What are the advantages of hiring a press officer?

Press marketing is a very powerful communication tool. Indeed, the specialist writer brings the reader his personal opinion on your products. This expertise has a positive influence on the choices of the future customer. Indeed, the latter will tend to more easily place his trust in your products or services when they appear in the specialized press. This important influence is a major asset for your company. With this service, you can quickly find new reliable customers for your products.

The press relationship then becomes a quantifiable economic data. Finally, it is more interesting to apply targeted press marketing rather than buying a public display campaign. Thus, you save money and make your communication profitable by reaching the largest number of people likely to be interested in your offers.

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How to communicate with the press?

Press relations are an integral part of the corporate communication strategy. Before editing and sending out your press release, it’s good to ask yourself a few questions. Among the important points to take into account are:

  • The nature of the product you want to highlight
  • The audience you want to reach
  • The right medium to reach this audience
  • Immediate access to products or services subject to press marketing

If many points are to be taken into account, it is above all to avoid rushing too much. Indeed, an unthinking press marketing campaign can be very harmful for the products it presents. So be careful to think effectively about your press campaign.

Tips for a successful press relationship

To succeed in your press relations, you must respect a few specific criteria. Firstly, do not overcommunicate. Journalists are constantly asked for new projects. Constantly sending emails to them is therefore counterproductive. The press officer will create a complete file on your products and services. The journalist will then be able to find all the elements necessary for the conception of his article in this file.

Also target your shipments. Indeed, it is not useful to send a press kit to all the traditional media. Some are not specialized in your area of ​​expertise. Sending a press release about your house products to a horse riding magazine is therefore unnecessary.

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A long-term press relationship. This is why you are going to have to base your exchanges on trust and sincerity. A personalized relationship with the target medium can then be interesting to apply.

Also prioritize the quality of your press relations. Indeed, multiplying the number of press contacts is useless if you do not have good quality relations with them.

Finally, make sure you constantly update your press kits. If an address, a phone number or an e-mail changes, consider modifying this setting in your records.

By applying these few tips, you will succeed in establishing a reliable press relationship. You can then take advantage of press marketing that will positively impact your sales.

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