Price drop with the Apple Watch: discover the models concerned

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With the approach of an Apple Watch Series 8 stronger than ever, Apple is probably preparing to ask its subcontractors to stop production of the Series 7. This will then result in lower prices for the remaining editions in order to sell off inventory, not to mention refurbished products which are always more accessible than new ones.

This may also be what prompted Cupertino to change the amounts requested for the repair of its watches a few hours ago. In mainland France, a new battery will therefore cost you 85 euros whereas it was previously necessary to pay 97 euros to replace it. This is the price without AppleCare+ insurance.

How do I know if I need to replace my battery?

Apple offers a menu on Apple Watch that informs you about the health of the battery, a component that degrades over time, especially in intensive use and during heat waves. To find out if it’s time to checkout, here’s what to do:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Battery
  • Touch Battery status

Not for everybody

Unfortunately, Apple is restricting this change to certain models only. We are talking here about the Apple Watch Series 2, the Apple Watch Series 3, the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 4, the Apple Watch Series 5, the Apple Watch Series 6 and of the Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch Series 1 and the very first generation, meanwhile, are not affected. Probably because spare parts are no longer manufactured; indeed the Series 1 and the Apple Watch from 2015 are now considered “old” items and are therefore no longer eligible for support…

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Other damage

If the battery change is quite accessible, this is however not the case for other types of repair. For example, an aluminum Series 7 with GPS and a 41 mm dial will require no less than 375 euros (Apple estimate) in case of broken screen, oxidized processor, etc. If you have AppleCare+ protection, however, the service is cheaper: “only” 65 euros per product.

Be aware that there are also third-party resellers or approved partners by Apple offering much more affordable prices. To find out more in your city, here is the list.

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