Price increase at gas stations after announcing bonus

Price increase at gas stations after announcing bonus

Couldn’t tell. The Government of Spain revealed two days ago the main measures of the baptized as National Shock Plan. The objective is to alleviate the economic effects of the war in Ukraine. This package of measures has been approved by the Council of Ministers and includes a discount on gasoline and diesel for all users.

The aid will thus join those already proposed by some major fuel brands such as Repsol, Cepsa and BP. The three companies announced last week that they would discount the price of fuel by 10 and 12 cents. Each of them has its own conditions for individuals and carriers.

Price increase at gas stations after announcing bonus

The Government’s package of measures will have a total value of €16 billion. 6,000 euros will be for direct aid and tax reduction; while the other 10,000 will correspond to ICO credits for companies. All the measures will be included in a Decree that must be validated by Congress within a maximum period of 30 days.

Price hikes are here

The bonus proposed by the Executive will be 20 cents per liter of fuel refueled. Of that amount, the Administration will discount 15 cents, while the service stations themselves will have to apply an additional discount of 5 cents per liter.

As soon as the measures were announced, many gas stations, especially low-cost ones (also known as low cost), they already announced that they couldn’t afford the discount proposed by the socialist government. In addition, some of them have taken advantage of state aid to apply a price increase equivalent to the discount.

Price increase at gas stations after announcing bonus

So it reveals the Economist on their website, where they point out that some gas stations low cost they have increased the price of their fuels between 15 and 30 cents per liter. Although it is not a general increase, it has been seen in various service stations of Meroil, Eroski, Avia and Alcampo.

Industry sources point out that this increase was not due to the announcement of government aid, but possibly to a readjustment in margins, which in recent weeks they were being negative. The “good news” is that, according to the latest data from the EU Oil Bulletin, the price of diesel and gasoline has registered its first drop so far in 2022.

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