Princeton University Students Create Blockchain Society

Princeton University Students Create Blockchain Society

Princeton University Students Create Blockchain Society For DailyBitcoin Editor

The students call on other members of the Princeton University student community to join. Tomorrow they have their first event.


The crypto world has been gaining space in other different territories. One of them is academic. More and more universities open the doors to new technologies such as crypto, NFT, Metaverse, Web3, DeFi or DAO. Of course, students are becoming more and more interested in them.

This week, a group of Princeton University students made public their project to create an organization: the Princeton Blockchain Society, and for this they will hold a meeting tomorrow to which they are inviting the entire community.

It is worth noting that Princeton is ranked among the best universities in the US and the world. He has had seven consecutive nominations for first place by the magazine US News & World Report. Between 2001 and 2018, it achieved the number one position for a total of 16 times, above prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Chicago.

Princeton Blockchain Society: What are you looking for?

According to details in email and social media, the Princeton Blockchain Society, established by a group of young alumni, is the main Blockchain-focused student organization at Princeton. Stand out in an email: “Our mission is to develop student understanding of blockchain technology, produce original blockchain research, and bring crypto entrepreneurs and thought leaders to the Princeton campus.”

The Society carries out four initiatives:

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one) Education: organization of fortnightly workshops “Blockchain and Beyond” featuring topics including NFT, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, GameFi, etc.

two) Research: to learn about cutting-edge developments in technology blockchain.

3) Diffusion: hosting panels, workshops, and professional networking events across campus with some of the brightest minds in the space blockchain

4) branding– Managing social media platforms, websites, and other channels to promote the Society on campus and beyond

They are looking for members to join any of these four teams. Also members who wish to attend Blockchain workshops, speaker events and quarterly society reports to win tokens Learning.

Tomorrow they will have the first meeting where they will give a brief overview of their initiatives and answer questions.

It is worth noting that in addition to this student initiative, Princeton has the Princeton Bendheim Center for Finance where finance is being researched institutionally, including new technologies. next february 1st they have an event.

Other universities in its category also have initiatives related to the area. For example, Cambridge periodically does panoramic studies on the crypto industry in the world. In addition, Harvard has even made investments. Yale, Brown and Michigan have also bought crypto.

Sources: networks of the Princeton Blockchain Society

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