Print support: why still use it in the digital age?

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Companies wishing to gain notoriety or attract new customers or even stand out from the competition should not neglect the creation of paper media. What are the objectives of print media? How to choose the medium best suited to your communication strategy?

Why use a print medium?

Printed materials are essential to any communication and marketing strategy. In addition to helping the company to assert its visual identity, they help it gain credibility. Whether produced and distributed as part of a communication campaign aimed at attracting new prospects or converting them into customers, print media have the advantage of being both effective and impactful.

In order for them to convey the message you want to convey, you obviously have to target the recipients and get down to the design of a relevant advertising medium.

What are the types of print media?

The range of communication tools is as vast as it is varied. The diversity of print media gives you the opportunity to choose the one that seems best suited to your target. Also, whether you want to promote your business, present your offer, launch a new product or gain notoriety, you can use one of the following media:

  1. The business card: it’s a must-have when it comes to corporate stationery. This small print medium slips easily into your pocket and helps you expand your network, attract new prospects or even give visibility to your business. The more original it is, the more it marks the spirits.
  2. The brochure: to be used to present your products and / or services. For it to be effective, it is imperative that it displays attractive visuals and relevant content to your target market.
  3. The commercial brochure: this print medium is essential to present your company and your activities, or your products and services. For it to help promote your activity or your offers, it is important to prioritize its aesthetics.
  4. The flyer: the purpose of the flyer is to present a product or an event. For it to have maximum impact, the layout and choice of visuals must be consistent with the identity of the company.
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What are the advantages ?

Print media have advantages that digital media do not. Already, prospects will recall the content more easily on paper than on screen. Then, the printed media:

  • keep better,
  • can be transported everywhere,
  • are exchanged and stored.

And without the risk of a bug erasing its content. Finally, the use of print media has undeniable advantages for any company wishing to increase its notoriety such as:

  • memorizing your brand;
  • increasing your marketing campaigns;
  • create interaction with customers;
  • improve the visibility of your business;
  • attract prospects more effectively.

In summary, print media support your sales force and allow you to communicate effectively with your prospects about your business and its activities. For them to have more impact, do not hesitate to entrust us with the creation of your communication media. We will accompany you throughout the process, from graphic design to printing.

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