Pro-Ukrainian Pro-Ukrainians Leaked Private Information From Conti Hacking Group, An Organization Operating From Russia

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Pro-Ukrainian Pro-Ukrainians Leaked Private Information From Conti Hacking Group, An Organization Operating From Russia For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The group with you it became very popular between 2021 and 2022 for its ransomware-type attacks. The division created by the ongoing armed conflict led to pro-Ukrainian people leaking private reports about the criminal organization, just after the latter openly declared its support for the Russian side.


The armed conflict promoted by Russia in Ukrainian territory has undoubtedly generated a certain division among many people and organizations, since while a large part criticizes the actions undertaken by the Soviet nation, there are others who justify the incursion and even support it for geopolitical reasons that go beyond the focal fact.

Operational reports on hacker organization leaked with you

It was precisely these differences that led to one of the most prolific hacker groups of 2021, better known as with you, He recently saw certain leaks that compromised his anonymity and his criminal operations. Published reports detail the size of the organization, information about its leaders, business operations they conduct, as well as the source code of the ransomware used to attack individuals and organizations.

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The information was published by the news agency CNBC, in which the cybersecurity investigator to Cyberint, Shmuel Gijon, highlighted that the viralized reports were leaked as an act of revenge against with you, since the group of hackers expressed their support for the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, and this made them the target of detractors with knowledge of their operations.

Detailing the chronology of events, Gihon said that the leaks took place four days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. An unknown person opened an anonymous account on Twitter and from there began to filter thousands of internal messages from the group, in which they detailed much of the aforementioned information. The striking aspect is that the leaks were accompanied by statements in favor of the Ukrainian side, and culminated on March 30 with a strong message:

“My last words… See you after our victory! Glory to Ukraine!”

Leakage Magnitude

Regarding the magnitude of the leak, Gihon indicated in the interview with the CNBC that the impact this had on the group with you it was quite big. The large number of reports revealed have had many investigative agencies conducting inquiries in recent weeks, carefully studying all the documentation leaked by the anonymous account.

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So much Cyberint as other agencies agree that with you it operated and was organized in a very similar way to a technology company like any other, since they had clear management functions, financial reports, and even a section dedicated to human resources. The organization has a certain hierarchy and establishes that there are leaders managing teams, who must report achievements and progress to the upper echelons that direct the organization.

Among other details revealed is that with you It has physical offices in Russia, so some hypotheses suggest that its members could have links with the authorities of the Soviet nation. Given these accusations, the Moscow authorities flatly denied that the state participates in cyberattacks.

To close, Gihon stressed that although the leak was large and its operations are affected, it does not rule out that with you continue to operate at least partially, and that if forceful actions are not achieved in the short term against the criminal organization, they will most likely recover after what happened and attack again with much more force.

Setting sides in this war

What happened to Conti is part of the events promoted by various organizations in different sectors, who have established a position and acted accordingly after expressing their support for one of the participating sides in this conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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Organizations, companies and governments that have leaned towards the side of the Ukrainian nation are more visible, which has led to the suspension of services to Russian residents, as well as financial sanctions against the Soviet government and its main figures.

It has also happened that hacker organizations expressed their support for the Ukrainian side. For example, we have the case of Anonymous, which at the beginning of the conflict proposed to the Russian military to cede their tanks and war vehicles to the Ukrainian forces, this in exchange for substantial payments with cryptocurrencies.

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