Procedures after obtaining permanent residence in Canada

Procedures after obtaining permanent residence in Canada

You finally have it in front of you, this little document for which you toiled, so Congratulations on your Permanent Residence! Take the time to appreciate your entire journey, your patience and your resilience in the face of the delays, the demands and the originalities in the immigration marathon in Canada to stay in Quebec after your WHV… The real ones know… But still a little effort , because the confirmation of Permanent Residence launches the ultimate sprint of updating your administrative files everywhere in your life … Back to the procedures after your Permanent Residence to do.

One of the first steps after permanent residence: request a new Social Insurance Number (SIN)

It is the first step which conditions all the others… You go from a temporary SIN (which starts with a 9) to a permanent SIN which starts with a 3 or a 4 in Quebec. To do this, simply go to a Service Canada office (we recommend that you go there directly to obtain it immediately and have access to the advisers in the event of “concerns”). You will need your passport, your health insurance card, your old SIN and the confirmation of Permanent Residence printed and signed by you.

Estimated time: in 20 min, it’s complete! To apply for a new Social Insurance Number online, go to government site that it happens.

Other steps after permanent residence: start with the CRA, My Services Canada Account and Retirement Canada

The account on the ARC will be automatically blocked when changing status, unable to connect. The GC key or the connection via the banks is interrupted. You must therefore first recreate an account with your new NAS. To do this, you must request a new access code to be received by mail within 10 days (when everything is working).

In case of problems, you should contact the number displayed on the error page because it is not uncommon for the system to bug for sending personal access codes. Their staff is very nice on the other hand and will always be there to help you.

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Once the new file has been created and active, you must contact the:

  • 1-800-959-7383 to reach a Revenue Canada (CRA) agent to notify the change of SIN and request the migration of your file from your temporary SIN to the permanent SIN.
  • 1-800-206-7218 to ask them to migrate your old unemployment record if it exists.
  • 1-800-277-9915 for Retirement Canada and check that the transfer is also done

Estimated time: if everything works right away, 10 days to get the personal access code, then 3 min to activate your account. And then in 5 and 10 minutes with each agent to check the file.

The RAMQ: shipments, papers, shipments …

The RAMQ card (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec) and related benefits are all associated with your SIN. You must therefore notify them of your change of status and SIN.

He first calls 514 864-3411 (type 6 for another subject then 3 for immigration change). You must then enter your old SIN to be identified. The agent will confirm your identity and then prepare the form that you will receive by mail within 5 to 7 days. You have to fill it out completely, sign it and attach the documents requested in the letter (CRP and CSQ) and send it back to them by mail (tracked mail for me because they are very important documents).

The new card will arrive directly by mail (yes again!) And will be valid for one year from the CRP. The other cards will then be valid for 5 or 7 years depending on the status.

Estimated time: 3 min with the agent on the phone to prepare the form, 5 days to receive the paper form, 5 min to complete, sign and return. Waiting for our new RAMQ cards.

Equifax and Transunion: take your troubles patiently …

No choice to update, these 2 organizations are very capable of making your life really complicated … You have to have your credit report tracked on your new SIN because you are already in Canada and therefore already have a credit score.

Equifax: online and by mail

Call Equifax at 1 800 871 3250 to have a customer service representative open a personalized form to request a change of SIN. You will then receive by email the link of the online form to be completed as well as the space to add attachments. I first added the NAS document, then I made a PDF with the copy of my passport, Quebec driver’s license, RAMQ card and last Hydro bill.

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At the same time, I also sent all the documents by letter followed by the Post Office to 190 Station Jean Talon, Montreal (QC) H1S2Z2. I simply added a handwritten letter (yes, yes, modern times have not arrived everywhere) and signed which explained my situation (obtaining PR therefore change of SIN therefore transfer of the credit file).

Transunion by mail

Don’t waste your time calling 1 877 713 3393, I did it for you. The procedure is done by mail only! Letter requesting the modification of the SIN, photocopy of driver’s license, photocopy of RAMQ card, new SIN, Hydro-Québec invoice, all by tracked mail sent to 3115, Chemin Harvester Suite 201, Burlington, ON L7N3N8.

Estimated time: 1 good day to scan, print and prepare all documents for Equifax and Transunion as well as mailing letters. Equifax will take almost 15 days to confirm that the SIN has been updated. I am still waiting for Transunion …

Revenus Québec: simple and efficient

If you had an account, it always remains active. To request a change of SIN, you must contact 514 864-6299 and after several security questions (in particular the numbers of the latest notification of declarations), the agent will be able to update your SIN in the system. It will be updated in your profile a few days later.

Estimated time: 10 min with the agent (yes, there are quite a few questions), then 3 to 5 days for it to be correct in the online account.

Notifying your employer, a must

Your change of status will delight your employer (or not). But it is imperative to warn him and provide him with your new SIN. Also consider giving it to former employers who should provide you with an R1 and T4 for future taxes. They are going to need it to give you everything within the rules.

Estimated time: 5 min maximum.

Info: if you are looking for a job, and a history, credit or criminal investigation is done, do not forget to tell your contacts that the change of SIN is in progress as this may impact the results analysis.

Notify physical and online banks

For the BNC, we had to go to a branch to update the SIN with our identity documents and the SIN document provided by Services Canada. The update on checking and savings accounts is also reflected in the credit card department. No need to call, they don’t do anything over the phone.

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Estimated time: 5 min maximum if your advisor is good 🙂

For Tangerine, you must send a copy of your ID and the SIN document to [email protected]ca. When in doubt, I have specified my customer number, my full name and my address.

Estimated time: variable because Tangerine never answers you directly, you have to constantly call an advisor to find out if everything is OK or not… It’s a long time for an online bank…

bank cards canada

For Wealthsimple, I contacted customer service in French explaining my situation. I received a response in French within 48 hours with a super simple procedure to follow. The update was done in 2 days and the follow-up is really great. If all the procedures were like this, we would almost appreciate changing the NAS 🙂

Estimated time: 3 min if you are really slow to load the documents …

Don’t forget about insurance

Life insurance, RRSP, TFSA and various insurance, they can have your SIN. It would be a shame not to be compensated just for an outdated issue history. See with your advisor directly. It can often update on all platforms. Otherwise, call the various customer services for the procedures.

Estimated time: if you have an advisor, 2 min – if you call yourself, good luck!

One of the last steps after his Permanent Residence in Canada: think of Hydro-Quebec

The SIN is required for account openings and it is a certified company to apply for the SIN. A call to 1 (888) 385-7252 and everything will be updated directly.

Estimated time: 2 min from the moment you have the adviser on the phone …

Road trip Quebec Sunset chairs Lac Saint Jean

Other organizations that do not have the SIN, so there is no point in working hard after their Permanent Residence

SAAQ, Videotron, Energir: they don’t have your SIN.

Retraite Québec: if you don’t have child allowances, skip your turn. The information comes down in all cases from the Federal (see step 2). The nice lady (reachable at 1 800 463 5185) will still leave a comment in your file but overall, she does not update the SIN.

Not all of these organizations are dependent. So you can run all the updates at the same time, there is no order. Only the ARC and the RAMQ need to wait for documents to advance in the procedure. For my part, I launched everything at the same time and some are more responsive than others 🙂

Now you can breathe… until the Citizenship file!

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