Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

Start 2022 and let’s talk about vehicle production in Spain and exports. Without a doubt, the past 2021 could be defined as a ‘horribilis’ year for the automotive industry. Sales were not terrific and vehicle production was not buoyant either. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a glimmer of light with the start of the new year.

The pandemic crisis and the semiconductor problem have affected sales and production of new vehicles. The great beneficiary has been the second-hand market, a faster and cheaper alternative. According to data from the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC), in January 2022 we are talking about manufacturing figures below 2021.

Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

Vehicle production in Spain

Vehicle production in Spain closed 2021 with a significant drop of 7.5%. A total of 2,098,133 units were manufactured in the Spanish plants. With the start of the year, the figures are even worse. The production of vehicles in our country was reduced last January 17.5% compared to the same month of 2021. We are talking about a total of 179,908 units manufactured.

Spain is an eminently producing and exporting market. Because of this, the sales in European markets They are a determining factor for the production rate of factories. Unfortunately, several markets suffered sharp declines in sales. This was the case of France (-18.6%), the United Kingdom (-27.5%) and Italy (-19.7%).

Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

All of this has had strong impact on the manufacture of vehicles in our country. On the contrary, it should be remembered that in Spain the registrations of passenger cars and SUVs managed to exceed the sales figure for January 2021 by just 400 units and a growth of 1%. Despite this, they are not data for shoot rockets.

By type of vehicle, in January the passenger cars registered a greater decrease in production against commercial and industrial vehicles. The decline in this type of vehicle was 19.9%, with 138,350 units. For the commercial we are talking about a fall of 8.5% and 41,558 units.

Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

Only the manufacture of alternative energy vehicles. Electric cars, plug-in hybrids, non-plug-in hybrids, LPG and natural gas boasted an increase of 3.9% compared to the same month of the previous year. The number of units produced is 23,800, which represents 13.2% of the total manufacturing quota for the month of January.

What about exports?

During 2021, the commercial activity of vehicles managed to increase its contribution to the trade balance by 10.6%. It was placed as the commercial activity with the greatest positive contribution to the Spanish economy. Vehicle exports grew to a total value of 34,219 million euros, a 8.6% increase compared to 2020.

This growth was achieved despite the fall in production. This means that, in gross value, and despite growth in 2021, the vehicle is behind food, chemical products, capital goods and non-chemical manufactures. As for the vehicle importsreflected a 6.2% increase compared to 2020.

Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

As for the exports at the beginning of the year, during the month of January, have also suffered a reduction compared to the figures for the same month of the previous year. The total number of vehicles exported in January 2022 has been 155,747 units. In other words, 15.7% less than in January 2021.

The situation of the main European markets is one of the causes of the reduction in Spanish exports. These have supposed 68.2% of the total, 16.9% less than the same month of the previous year. As for the countries that have led exports, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Turkey are once again in the lead.

Production and export of cars in Spain starts badly 2022

Market declines are very high in most major countries. Highlights the reduction of purchases in the Turkish and British markets, which fell by -26.9% and -21.9% respectively, compared to the same month of the previous year. However, Spanish vehicle purchases from the US have increased by 322.5%.

It is the only one in the TOP-10 with a higher figure compared to the same month in 2021. By type of vehicle, the number of passenger cars exported suffered a drop of 17.3%, to 121,455 units sent abroad. In the case of commercial and industrial vehiclesthese have registered a decrease of 9.5% compared to January 2021. There was a total of 34,292 units exported.

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