Production of La Voz Kids calls coach Joss Favela “unbearable”

Production of La Voz Kids calls coach Joss Favela "unbearable"

It seems that the production of La Voz Kids is facing some problems, since it was revealed that one of the coaches is causing differences in the program, to the point that they accuse him of being “unbearable”.

It has barely been five days since the children’s reality show premiered where Paty Cantú, María León, Mau y Ricky and Joss Favela are the coaches, but apparently the problems have not been long in coming and the people in charge of the show are facing a major crisis with the cast.

According to TV Notas magazine, it is about Joss Favela, who is causing major headaches, caused by his ego and the lack of cooperation he has not only with those who record the program, but also with the team he leads.

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