Prostate problems? Know the best 3 foods to deflate and fight pain

¿Problemas de próstata? Conoce los mejores 3 alimentos para desinflamar y combatir el dolor

Diet is an extraordinary ally to treat various prostatic pathologies. Learn about the three best natural products that promote inflammation and fight pain

From the age of 50 it is very common for male population have to deal with the appearance of certain problems in the prostate. It is true that age is a factor against however there are habits they can provide relief and great benefits, that is why food plays a determining role.

Taking into account that from the 40 years prostate starts to grow it’s important check closely habits and customs. Usually prostate growth It can occur in two ways: benign it is a condition known as hyperplasia and evil one which stands out for the appearance of different types of cancer. Also one of the prostatic pathologies most common is an infection called prostatitis.

The prostate is a very important organ in the male reproductive system, it is a gland that is shaped like a chestnut which is located under the bladder. The urethra It is key in its operation since it is the conduit through which urine passes and when there are affectations in the prostate they compress the urethra and this produces various symptoms among which the discomfort when urinating, pain and inflammation.

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Various medical specialists agree on the direct relationship between the lifestyle and the appearance of conditions in the prostate. There are basic recommendations that focus on avoiding bad habits like the excessive alcohol consumptionl, smoking and following a bad nutrition, especially those diets with a high consumption of processed foods and fast foods, which are distinguished by their content in saturated fats, refined flours, sugars and sodium. Consequently one of the main tips to fight naturally any alteration in the prostate lies in the power of food. The good news is that there are foods of great medicinal power that thanks to its composition they are an extraordinary ally to improve the functioning of the prostate, its power is largely due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

1. Blue fish

The blue fish are from the healthier food that we can integrate into anyone’s diet, however in a peculiar way they are a great ally for men’s health. Blue fish are characterized by being lean meat with a high nutrient content, they are a wonderful source of proteins of high biological value and are low in calories. However its exceptional content in Omega fatty acids 3, It is a great ally of the scardiovascular system and this is largely due to their anti-inflammatory benefits. What is wonderful is that these properties not only span the arteries and the heart, they spread in all the organs of the body and especially in the prostate. exist various research papers carried out by medical specialists, in which the benefits of habitual consumption of blue fish for regulate levels of systemic inflammation and reduce the risk of suffering complex diseases, as is the case of the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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Blue fish. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Tomatoes

The popularity of tomato consumption and its relationship with the prostate exploded when the work of renowned universities such as Cambrigde, Oxford and Bristol, in which the benefits of consuming 10 servings of tomato a week. These studies relate tomato to a 18% decrease in risk of developing cancer and prostate diseases. Best of all, tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables that exist and thanks to their immense versatility they are a fundamental part of the diet of many cultures. His kindnesses are related to his extraordinary lycopene content they act like a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, this nutrient is also directly related to a narrow decrease in the risk of suffering prostate cancer.

Tomatoes. / Photo: Unsplash

3. Nuts

Foods that are distinguished by their content in healthy fats will always bring benefits to improve prostate health. That’s mainly because it’s about unsaturated lipidsthey have great anti-inflammatory qualities that directly benefit the enlarged prostate. At the same time they stand out for their contribution in vegetable proteins, which provide good energy levels, help combat the destruction of muscle mass and the effects of aging. The benign prostatic hyperplasia It is one of the main signs that appear over time, which is why counteracting the effects of age is one of the best measures to improve the state of the prostate and prevent diseases.

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