Psychological trick so that it melts for you

Truco psicológico para que se derrita por ti 

This recipe has two ingredients: sugar and salt and you must use the same amount of both

I’m going to give you a recipe that works both in the kitchen and in love. If you do it with the exact measurements, you will never complain again that a man does not value you, nor will you question why in your relationship you give so much and he does not give the same in return.

This recipe has two ingredients: sugar and salt and you must use the same amount of both because if there is not a balance it is very sweet and cloying or so salty that it causes a bad face.

I know you’re thinking, “What does this recipe have to do with love?” women tend to give sugar by the handful to the point of going out of their way and overflowing for a man, for example, he says “my car is damaged and I can’t look for you” and the woman quickly gives him five tablespoons of sugar and says “don’t worry I can lend you my car ”. When he complains “I have my apartment dirty and the one who cleans me is sick”, she without thinking twice adds three spoons of sugar and gently affirms: “Don’t worry my life, I’ll clean it”, and when he complains : “Oh gordita I don’t have money until the end of the month because….” Before he finishes his story, she adds two cups of sugar and asks “how much do you need?”.

So, when the man makes a “muddy” she knows well that he should not put more sugar because the recipe indicates that he add a pound of salt but in her fear of losing the relationship she with a somewhat annoying attitude puts only a pinch of Salt. And this is the problem, when you go out of your way, overflow and have leftovers, the man feels so safe that he loses interest because he has been cloyed with so much sugar that you have given.

Be careful, I’m not saying that women have to be cold as an ice floe since in relationships you have to give to receive, but there must also be a balance on both sides. Remember that the more you go out of your way for someone, the less you will care and the less you look for him the more you will interest him. There is no perfect measure for this recipe, just keep in mind that the amount of sugar you are going to give is the same as you are going to receive.

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