Puigmal: “That anxiety to ascend could us”

Arnau PUIGMAL  Martínez

Arnau Puigmal was one of the protagonists in the match against Alcorcón. The former Manchester United player jumped onto the green after the break and gave Almería another face. He commanded his team’s football and scored the equalizer in the final stretch, a goal that could be decisive in promotion, since thanks to him, if Eibar wins in Alcorcón, Almería would be satisfied with a draw in Leganés. “The equalizing goal was important, but have no doubt that our goal is none other than to beat Leganés”, assures the midfielder, who does not trust the Madrid team. “I liked Lega a lot in the first leg and they have high-quality players,” he points out.

Photo by Arnau Martinez

“Here you see the glass half full or half empty and I see it full. I am convinced of the victory. The equalizing goal against Alcorcón was important and now we must learn from our mistakes. In the end this Sunday the only thing we have to do is do is repeat what we’ve done all year. Want the ball and play. Playing our football will help us win”, continues the midfielder, who acknowledges that last Saturday they felt the pressure. “Whether we wanted to or not, that anxiety of ascending was able to us. We have learned from the mistake and we must focus on ourselves and on Sunday. From the outside it looks different, but inside it is difficult to carry those emotions. Who doesn’t want to move up? We must learn from what happened the other day and I’m sure Sunday is going well for us”, he highlights in this regard.

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However, the midfielder assures that the rojiblanca booth is already fully recovered from the blow. “The day after the game you could tell that disappointment in the locker room, but today I saw the incredible team. We’re going to pull it off. The hours after the game I saw tension, but today I saw the team training incredible and based on what I saw today, I have full confidence”, he explains about it. “Mathematically we are in a good position, but football is more than science and everything it’s possible. We only seek victory. We want to win for the fans. We want to be Primera players and I think we deserve it”, he expires.

Shield/Flag Almería

Rubi has 25 players available

Rubi will be able to count on his entire squad for that match against Leganés (Sunday, 8:00 p.m.), except for Martos and Nieto, who are seriously injured. Chumi has already left the infirmary and the Vilasar de Mar coach will have to do two discards for the duel in Butarque. Against Alcorcón, Chumi and Villar themselves were left out of the list. Now it remains to be seen if for next Sunday’s match the Atletico coach will take the entire squad or give the call to his players (he never makes it public) before traveling to Madrid.

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