Puppies go for the ball: FLOKI token partners with soccer clubs in Spain and India – DiarioBitcoin

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Puppies go for the ball: FLOKI token partners with soccer clubs in Spain and India - DiarioBitcoin By Hannah perez

Floki Inu partnered with Indian soccer club Kerala Blasters FC and Spanish La Liga team Cádiz CF. The token was up 35% after the announcements.


The cryptocurrency doggy meme Floki inu (FLOKI) is running after the ball now that it has secured prominent deals with two professional soccer clubs.

The team of token announced this Friday through its Twitter account a strategic agreement with Kerala Blasters FC, one of the largest and most popular professional soccer teams in India. Located in Cochin, the club Kerala play in the Indian Super League, the most important soccer league in the country.

As part of the agreement, the brand FLOKI will be shown in all matches that take place in the home field, the stadium Jawaharlal nehru, also know as Kaloor International Stadium. The association will also see the canine logo and the FLOKI website on the sleeves of club member athletes.

FLOKI in the shirts of popular Indian football club

According to the promoters of FLOKI, the agreement could help the cryptocurrency become more popular in India, achieving widespread adoption in that country. On Twitter they highlighted that “The Indian Super League is the 5th most popular soccer league in the world with over 130 million passionate fans“, And added:

FLOKI’s strategic partnership with Kerala Blasters FC will help FLOKI go mainstream in India and introduce the brand to more than 100 million ISL fans. [Superliga de India] all over the world.

In February, Kerela blasters reached two million followers in Instagram, becoming the first Indian soccer club to achieve such a milestone, as indicated U.Today. The club tHe also has 1.8 million followers on Twitter.

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As reported, the agreement will take place immediately so the brand of the token meme will be deployed during the next games of the season of Hero Indian Super League 2021-2022.

The news about the new cryptocurrency deal, which is inspired by billionaire Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu puppy, comes at a time when digital currency-related advertisements have started to flood into sporting events in India, which it has caused the displeasure of some authorities.

The Indian government has reported that it is working on a regulation for the sector, which could include, according to reports, a ban on cryptocurrency advertisements “irresponsible”That promise big returns to investors. Along the same lines, this same week, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, warned that assets such as Bitcoin they pose a threat to young people.

Association with Cádiz will take FLOKI to the Spanish La Liga

Shortly after that news, the account of Twitter de FLOKI reported that it has additionally closed a similar agreement with the Cádiz Football Club, a professional Spanish soccer team that is part of the First division of Spain, the highest category championship of the soccer league system of that country that is popularly known as La Liga.

In the same way, the agreement will include the display of the logo on the shirts of the soccer players that are members of the Spanish team, as well as the promotion of the brand in the matches.

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The promoters of token puppy also highlighted that the association with Cadiz will allow the expansion and further adoption of FLOKI; especially now that he will have to compete with high-profile matches that gather many fans, such as the Athletic, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The social media account of Floki inu wrote about it:

The strategic partnership of FLOKI with Cádiz CF he will exhibit FLOKI to hundreds of millions of La Liga fans. Cádiz will play Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid in the coming weeks and months. This is a HUGE exhibit.

Token increases 35% after advertising deals

FLOKI’s association announcements with sports teams arise as the project seeks to promote itself more widely through various advertising campaigns. As reported DailyBitcoin, the coin brand was recently deployed on London public transport, which caught the attention of the UK regulatory authority.

After the publicity of the token canine on the iconic buses of the English city, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s advertising watchdog, reported that it has launched an investigation to assess whether the ads violate local laws. Although, in the meantime, the authorities have decided to suspend crypto advertisements on transportation vehicles.

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Despite the rejection of regulators in that country, which the FLOKI team of developers described as “attempted censorship“It seems that the digital currency continues to make its way in other nations. In accordance with U.Today, the meme project also recently launched an ad campaign in the Netherlands.

As a result of the latest announcements, the price of the token seems to be favored. According to data from CoinMarketCap, FLOKI registers an increase of more than 35% in the last 24 hours and is trading at USD $ 0.000212. The cryptocurrency is below its historical price maximum of USD $ 0.00033 registered at the beginning of the month.

Puppies go for the ball: FLOKI token partners with soccer clubs in Spain and India - DiarioBitcoin
source: CoinMarketCap

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