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Puppy diagnosed with COVID-19 dies after several weeks of battle


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Despite his family’s fight to heal him, Buddy lost the battle on July 11.

Buddy was a dog of the German Shepherd breed.

After several weeks of battle against the COVID-19 virus, Buddy, the first dog in the US diagnosed with the disease, died leaving a hole in the heart of his family.

According to National Geographic, last April, Buddy began showing symptoms of the disease with breathing problems caused by thick mucosa, alerting its owner, Robert Mahoney, who had already been diagnosed with the virus and thought that he could have infected his pet.

Although attempts were made to give Buddy immediate attention, the pandemic complicated the situation because many veterinary doctors did not consult their patients.

Even Mahoney said that a clinic prevented him from passing because he had been diagnosed with COVID-19, so he was only prescribed some medications for his dog, via telephone.

Veterinarians doubted that the dog had a coronavirus.

Robert noted that doctors were initially incredulous that his pet might have coronavirus, a diagnosis that was made six weeks after symptoms began.

After the first week of symptoms passed, Buddy continued to have difficulty breathing and had lost his appetite. So a vet accepted that Julianna, 13-year-old daughter of the Mahoneys, to take Buddy to his clinic after the young woman was negative to the test of COVID.

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During the period from April 21 to May 15, the health of the German Shepherd breed continued to deteriorate and weight loss was evident, so the family brought their pet to three vets in the Staten Island area, who they said the animal was not a carrier of coronavirus.

Buddy underwent different treatments.

During the process, Buddy underwent various studies in which spleen and liver growth were detected, as well as a possible heart murmur. So the dog had to take medicine to treat these conditions.

It was up to a month after the first symptoms, that Robert Mahoney He got the Bay Street Animal Hospital to test his canine friend for a coronavirus.

The result came a few days later, where Buddy was diagnosed as positive for COVID-19, so the family was asked to bring the other dog in the family as well, Duke, to perform the test immediately.

After the first test, the New York Health Department notified the family that Buddy had indeed contracted the virus, but that additional samples collected days later showed that the coronavirus had disappeared from the animal.

They were also informed that Duke had tested negative but already had antibodies, suggesting that he had also been infected at some point.

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Despite the report, the health of Buddy continued to get worse, had difficulty walking, and was urinating uncontrollably and with the presence of blood. On July 11, the family found the puppy vomiting blood in the kitchen, so they took him in an emergency to the veterinary clinic where they decided to sacrifice him.

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Although there are still many doubts about the reaction of the disease in animals, it is known that the origin of the reported infections has been from human to pet.

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- Advertisement -Puppy diagnosed with COVID-19 dies after several weeks of battlePuppy diagnosed with COVID-19 dies after several weeks of battle

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