Quadriplegic, he gives his opinion on the voice dictation of the Mac


In recent months, theaccessibility is one of the key topics in the development of iOS. These features make it possible to make the operating system usable by as many people as possible. Recently, Apple was even rewarded for its efforts in this area by the FCC, an American body responsible for regulating the telecommunications market and its devices.

Among the various options offered on the Mac in this area, we can notably mention the Voice control. This is available via the eponymous tool, accessible from Settings, but also with dictation which is preferred to replace the keyboard in order to write text. Two systems that quadriplegic and former BBC Colin Hughes said could be greatly improved in the future.

A microphone as a solution

It is indeed not uncommon to see the dictation to crash completely, to add a capital letter without reason, to enter a homonym by mistake or to grant in the plural when it is not necessary. But for Hughes, this is actually not inevitable. It would even be possible to make the system more efficient by using a third-party accessory.

The idea is then to connect an external microphone to the computer’s jack port, increasing the capabilities of the sensor already installed as standard in MacBook Pro but inefficient compared to professional equipment. For the ex-producer, Apple could even design its own device of this type, with a battery life of up to eight hours in a row. A value proposition that is not unlike that of AirPods …

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Dedicated programs also exist

It should be noted that some software developed by companies alternatives also allow Apple products to be ordered differently. Recently, we were able to see the TD Pilot, an iPad modified to several thousand euros that follows the movements of the eyes to do this.

Nuance, the company that hides behind the success of the now-owner assistant Siri, among other things, publishes the sequel Dragon renowned as one of the most reliable in the field of voice control. This is particularly favored by doctors or clerks. However, it has recently been discontinued for macOS, but older versions do the trick.

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