Queyras massif – ideas for day hikes

Queyras massif - ideas for day hikes

And then hey, if I am suggesting this hike to you, it is also because the setting is not the ugliest. From the pass that marks the border you will have on one side a superb view of Lake Castello in Italy, and on the other a panoramic view of the Queyras massif and the Barre des Ecrins in the background!

Whether on the ascent or descent, you can even make a small detour through the Blanket Lakes at the foot of the Rocca Bianca. And if you are motivated you will even be able to achieve the ascent of this summit, one of the only ones which, according to what I have or read, is accessible without material. Caution remains in order.

All accompanied by the whistling of the marmots, what are the people asking for?

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