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When updates aren’t automatic, it can be interesting to know which apps are up to date and which aren’t. This information can be found in the App Store application. More specifically, you have to go to the user’s account page by clicking on their profile picture in the App Store. But did you know that there is a much more convenient shortcut to access this same section?

A well-hidden shortcut

Just make a long press on the app icon from the App Store, which will display different options. You must select “Updates”In the menu to launch the App Store directly on the updates page.

App Store updates shortcut

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It works as well from the App Store visible on the Home screen, as from the app found in the app library or in Spotlight. The shortcut can be useful for curious people who want to read the latest changes to their apps, but also for those who prefer to update manually rather than having iOS or iPadOS do it automatically.

On this subject, go to Settings > App Store > Automatic downloads to activate the “Apps updates” option if you want to let the OS automatically update your applications.

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