Radio, fog lights, USB or heated seats, do you know what they cost to your pocket in consumption?

Radio, fog lights, USB or heated seats, do you know what they cost to your pocket in consumption?

It is not the first time that we talk about the consumption that we register when we use some of the comfort elements of our cars. The last one that we showed you was the air conditioning and what this affected the car’s consumption and therefore, how it affected our pocket. Now, ADAC has published a curious list of elements and equipment that equip modern cars, showing us their real consumption and translating them into euros -although this actually depends on the market and the price of fuel-.

The heated seats, the heated exterior mirrors and the steering wheel heating are functions that undoubtedly provide comfort, however, have you ever wondered what your pocket is?

Using as a reference the consumption of functions equipped as standard such as the headlights, the heated windscreen, the radio or the cigarette lighter, the generator, commonly known as alternator, generates the energy required for the electrical systems installed in the vehicle and charges the battery. The more electricity the alternator has to supply, the harder the combustion engine has to work to power it. This increases fuel consumption and consequently costs.

If we take into account the consumption of the list that we leave you next, an average trip of about 400 kilometers can suppose for a gasoline engine, about 6 euros of extra cost increase -or of 1.25 euros for an electric vehicle-.

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List of electrical elements of the car and their consumption:

Auxiliary heating: we are talking about up to 2000 W it affects up to 2 liters per 100 km, which in a gasoline car can cost about 2.80 euros.

Heated windscreen: We are talking about up to 800 W or what affects up to 0.8 liters per 100 km, which has been an average of 1.12 euros per 100 km.

Fog lights: they represent about 110 W or 0.11 liters per 100, about 15 cents per 100 km.

The heated steering wheel: it represents about 50W of consumption, about 0.05 liters of fuel per 100 km or what is 7 euro cents.

Heated exterior mirrors: they suppose a consumption of 40 W or 0.04 liters per 100 km, about 6 euro cents.

Lighter: we speak of up to 180 W if we are using it, about 0.18 liters per 100 km or 6 euro cents.

When we use the radio -a basic generic one- we are talking about 20 W of consumption or 0.02 liters per 100 km, about 3 euro cents. If we add navigation we will have to add an additional 10 W and an extra that will depend on the type of sound system that we equip.

Have the fan in the middle position: we are talking about 170 W or 0.17 liters per 100 km, which is around 24 euro cents per 100 km.

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Keeping the list in mind but without losing comfort, ADAC recommends turning on electrical systems only when necessary. Under no circumstances should you skimp on lighting or ventilation. Safety before saving energy!

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