RadioShack is now a cryptocurrency company – DiarioBitcoin

RadioShack is now a cryptocurrency company - DiarioBitcoin

RadioShack is now a cryptocurrency company - DiarioBitcoin By DailyBitcoin Editor

RadioShack, a store that was once ubiquitous in US malls, has become a cryptocurrency company.


  • RadioShack is now a cryptocurrency company
  • The 100-year-old chain of stores seeks to reach a young audience
  • The company had been twice declared bankrupt

RadioShack Corporation is a well-known American company, which manages a chain of stores of electronic articles and components in the United States and Mexico, owned by Standard General. Now the 100-year-old retailer is reintroduced in Twitter in recent days with a series of irreverent tweets, some since deleted, some even filled with crude comments and drug references.

There were many comments, especially surprise, at the change in communication content, indicates The Washington Post. However, he says that a look at the company’s Twitter profile shows part of the answer: “RadioShack is no longer the electronics store Americans went to for generations, but an online cryptocurrency company that also sells batteries.”

“It is our voice, a new voice, one for the people”said Abel Czupor, director of marketing. “RadioShack’s audience used to be just a larger demographic, but as times have changed and e-commerce has taken over, the old RadioShack voice is no longer relevant.”

Radio Shack on Twitter

One of the eye-catching tweets, indicating that RadioShack is a crypto company, was posted a few days ago, but remains as tweet fixed at the top. He says:

List your token in RadioShack Swap within 48 hours. Qualified projects receive FREE liquidity from RadioShack, just bring your project token. Message us on Telegram at to discuss. Why should you quote with us? Take a look at the reasons below

These are the reasons he alleges:

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“How we will help you for FREE:
• Twitter: more than 200,000 followers
• Discord: more than 35,000 members
• Instagram: more than 50,000 followers
• Telegram: 10,000+ subscribers
• Email: more than 80,000 subscribers
• SMS: more than 3000 subscribers

You will also have the opportunity to receive funding from RadioShack.”

From decline to reinvention

As explained The Washington Post, after a decade of decline, Radio Shack was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in 2015. In its struggle to find a brand identity, the chain filed for bankruptcy twice and grew from about 5,200 US stores in 2014 to about 400 when the private equity firm Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV)lor bought in 2020.

That year, the vulnerabilities of the retail industry were fully realized during the coronavirus pandemic, as illustrated by the spate of bankruptcy filings. That’s when Miami-based REV acquired a number of struggling retailers with the intention of reviving them into online-focused stores, including home goods store Pier 1 Importsthe sporting goods chain Model’s and the discount retailer Stein Mart.

REV was formed by Alex Mehr, the co-founder of the online dating site zoosk.comand Tai Lopez, an online influencer known for advising on her lavish lifestyle. They launched RadioShack Swap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to exchange coins or tokens, a format that offers more flexibility and lower transaction fees than trading. Your token, called $RADIO, worth about a penny.

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Relaunch with wild tweets

On the website of RadioShack Swap, the company said that its relaunch was aimed at people who would not normally think of themselves as cryptocurrency investors. “There is a real generation gap between the average cryptocurrency user and the average business decision maker”the company said. “This demographic difference creates a substantial psychological barrier to cryptocurrency adoption.”

In a May statement, the company reported a transaction volume of $40 million, with a daily average of $500,000 to $2 million. “The exchange is adding two to three new tokens every week, and we continue to see a lot of interest among gaming token startups, in particular. They understand that the RadioShack brand is consistent with their own game”Mehr said.

One of the striking things with the change is their latest marketing strategy on Twitter, very aggressive and funny, and which has caused them, on the one hand, several censorships of tweet and, on the other, many new followers.

An example of the new communication strategy:

“I woke up feeling rude, but I remembered that I sent a stripper boy to college last night. We are all fine.”

“I just stole a girl’s food at Chipotle, thanks Katie!”

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