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iPhone prototype

In a new video, youtuber Luke Miani demonstrates several iPhone prototypes from first generation never released. We discover in particular a model never seen before, with different borders around the screen which is designed in plastic. On the back, practical information about the components is written on a label.

In particular, we can read that the iPhone in question has a signed antenna foxconn. The subcontractor is already well known to fans of the Apple brand, as it has been assembling its mobiles in China for more than ten years. The battery, meanwhile, comes from the Japanese supplier Sony which is now chosen for the camera with the Exmor sensor.


Miani gives little information on the provenance of these iPhones, but assures that one of them is worth almost a half a million euros. However, this figure is difficult to verify, especially when we know that Apple does not like to see such prototypes end up in the wild. There is also a whole internal security policy to prevent leaks.

On one of the iPhones shown here, we can also read that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission in the United States) has not controlled its manufacture and that there is no question of selling it like the articles marketed in the Apple Store. These are details often specified with the prototypes of Apple which sometimes appear on the net.

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The beginnings of iOS

By testing this old iPhone, Miani was also able to access its operating system, which is far from corresponding to current iOS standards. Instead, the interface is very sober and on a white background. Touch buttons provide access to several features still present today such as calls, texts or music playback.

The keypad for dialing a number is also included, with a design reminiscent of feature phones with physical keys. Finally, it’s a prototype with a semblance of an iPod wheel that is highlighted in the video, reminiscent of the latest update of the Siri Remote for Apple TV.

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