Raúl de Molina says that Lili Estefan was not so thin since El Gordo y La Flaca began

Raúl de Molina says that Lili Estefan was not so thin since El Gordo y La Flaca began

Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina, hosts of El Gordo and La Flaca.

Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina, hosts of El Gordo and La Flaca.

Photo: Rob Kim. /Getty Images

If there are two people who know each other very well and have seen each other most days in almost 23 years, they are the drivers of The fat and the skinny: Raul de Molina Y Lili Estefan. However, we already know the occurrences that the darling of Hispanic television always has for her partner. He himself said that I haven’t seen her so skinny since the show started..

But quite contrary to what everyone might think, it was a compliment. Certainly with the years one has to age, but Lili Estefan She remains almost the same as she was many years ago, above all she maintains her legs, her smile and her figure. Of course, his partner The fat and the skinny, Raul de Molinadid not let it go unnoticed: “I’ve never seen her so skinny, almost as skinny as when the show started.”

He also said that they asked him if that beauty of Lili Estefan was because she had a boyfriend. to which his own Raul de Molina he said no. “La Flaca” of course thanked her and said that she eats very well and that she doesn’t go to restaurants all the time. It is not a secret that “El Gordo” is quite a gourmet.

This pair has been dedicated to covering at all times the news of separation between Shakira and Gerard Pique. Precisely the correspondent of The fat and the skinny in Barcelona has given details from outside the house of the Colombian singer. Yesterday she was a stalker to it and wrote a marriage proposal on the floor.

Of course, Jordi Martin said that immediately Shakira He went to the police in the company of his brother to take action on the matter. As for the star FC Barcelona, Gerard Piquéwas also the victim of a fan.

It turns out that the Catalan went to a conference and a fan approached him to ask for a photo with his son. He himself refused and the woman took revenge by publishing a photo of him next to a mysterious blonde. However, Jordi Martin himself said that she would not be Piqué’s alleged lover.

Raul de Molina and Lili Estefan They keep wondering why, if it is so certain according to many Spanish media, paparazzi and journalists that there is a lover of Piqué, a photo of her has not come out. Many say that in the Iberian country they protect the ex of Shakira. The other theory that has been handled is that certainly the reason for separation was not infidelity. However, until the time of this note, none had said a word.

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