RdT, a record time trial

Raúl de Tomás

Espanyol faces the last five days of the championship with few incentives beyond knowing the final position and what will happen in the future. But each player has mini challengessome of them attractive such as Raúl de Tomás. If with 15 goals he has already signed his best record in Firstand Rafa Marañón’s record of 22 goals in the same league edition is impossible (or at least at a starry distance), he can further enlarge his mark on Espanyol’s history.

Photo of De Tomas

With 42 goals in the two and a half seasons at Espanyol, between the year of relegation, promotion and this settlement in the First, the striker from Madrid is now five goals behind Jordi Lardín, who with 47 goals is the Blue and Whites’ tenth top scorer in LaLiga. RdT has five games to score an average of one goal per game, also a way to rediscover their best records considering that they have scored three goals in the last three months.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

Although Raúl Tamudo and Rafa Marañón lead the table with 129 and 110 goals respectively, the striker who has the highest ratio of goals per game is Ángel Calvo, scorer of 69 goals in 119 games, an average of 0.58 per game. RdT is currently fifteenth with 42 goals in 81 games, an average that is the second highest at 0.52. The goalscoring performance of the most expensive striker in the history of the club has practically no comparison with other attackers in the history of the entity.

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The top scorer perico, the second player with the most shots in the championship, is also close at hand to enter the top-20 of players who have scored the most goals in all competitions. He has accumulated 43 goals and is only two behind Cayetano Ré, so entering this privileged list is more affordable. With three more years left on his contract, only one sale would prevent the striker from continuing to break records and climb the list of top scorers.


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