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Reach your potential: 3 things we learned from Monika Tapia


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Through her experience and knowledge, personal coach Monika Tapia shares the keys to reach our potential.

After going through a financial crisis with her family, Monika Tapia found the inspiration necessary to turn her life around. In addition to deciding that she would never find herself in the same situation, she decided to impart her knowledge so that nobody has to go through that.

Bachelor of Business Administration, entrepreneur, speaker, founder of clothing brand Rich Mind Kids and author of the best seller “Entrepreneur, Cabrona, Wise and Happy” are just some of her occupations. Monika is currently vice president of sales at a foreign exchange company and CEO of Mujer de Impacto, a non-profit association.

Impact Woman helps people in the development of five specific areas: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial. Through this, empowerment is sought and break with established patterns to make productive men and women with clear dreams and goals.

These are the three main learnings that Monika left us:

1. It is essential to have a plan

Facing adversity, many people are overwhelmed by uncertainty. To combat any problem it is necessary to have a defined path. “Many stagnate for not having a plan or route, so I recommend mapping your problems and visualizing your goals,” said the coach expert in finance and personal development.

2. Never stop preparing

Learning new things is the key to inspiring us to solve our problems. “We all have the ability to rewrite our history, just try. That is why I always promote in my podcasts and books that in you is the possibility of transcending and that every day is a gigantic opportunity to start. ”

3. Take control of your life

Following as an example the saying that says: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, Monika transformed a moment of crisis into a new beginning for her and her family. “Nobody prepares us for the crisis, these arise involuntarily, shaking us completely.

With the time and the certifications that I took in Mexico and abroad I understood that by controlling your emotions you can add tranquility and prosperity to your life, ”said the native of Tijuana, Baja California.

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- Advertisement -Reach your potential: 3 things we learned from Monika TapiaReach your potential: 3 things we learned from Monika Tapia

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- Advertisement -Reach your potential: 3 things we learned from Monika TapiaReach your potential: 3 things we learned from Monika Tapia

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