Real estate referencing: your SEO strategy

Real estate referencing: your SEO strategy

Make your place on the real estate web

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. You have a real estate website and you want it to be seen as much as possible on Google. You will have to find the right axis to capture sellers and buyers in your sector. Here are some tips for your real estate SEO.

SEO Tip 1: Work on your Local SEO

  • If your geographic area is limited then a local visibility strategy is essential.
  • Your content must reflect the expertise of your geographic sector and include keywords or phrases related to real estate;
  • Optimize your Google My Business listing, including location and description;
  • Also, develop a netlinking strategy with sites in the same locality.

SEO tip 2: Work on a thematic niche

Your agency may be specialized in one or more types of property (luxury properties, duplexes, exceptional views, land or farm buildings, commercial premises, etc.).

If this is the case, it will be useful to optimize your content to highlight your specificities.

SEO Tip 3: Provide an identifiable user experience.

Make a difference with other real estate sites by offering an alternative to what we are used to seeing. Without forgetting who your target is, allow yourself to offer something out of the ordinary to develop your notoriety.
Sites that opted for virtual tours or 360 ° tours via Matterport-type tools, were able to keep their heads above water during the health crisis when buyers could not or did not want to travel to visit the goods to be purchased. .

SEO Tip 4: Encourage Customer Reviews

Boost customer reviews on your Google My Business listing and provide reassurance with a good overall rating and reviews commented with respect and professionalism.
Consider sharing a direct link to the GMB reviews section with your clients and encourage them to share their review of your services or their buying or selling experience with your real estate agents.

SEO tip 5: Diversify communication media

Find and communicate with your target customer on social media. Opt for original communication media to reach local people.

A few years ago, I helped a real estate agency find an original medium that allowed it to stand out and acquire a significant number of contacts for property valuations (which was the client’s objective). The medium used was a paper advertisement, printed on personalized bread bags and distributed by local bakeries. One idea among others, the principle being to make the difference with its competition. Personally, the envelopes or postcards left by real estate agencies in my mailbox, needless to say, I don’t even look at them anymore. The choice of the medium and the mode of distribution is therefore crucial to maintain a good ROI of your marketing campaigns.

At a time when QR codes have become widespread and when all you need is a smartphone to read them, their use to generate Print to Web traffic will allow you to follow the acquisition statistics of your paper campaigns (Remember no defining UTMs in connection with your campaigns to differentiate your communication operations in Google Analytics data feedback).

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