Real Madrid | Gnabry is still in the portfolio

Real Madrid |  Gnabry is still in the portfolio

Summer is coming up hectic in the football market and not only because of the potential moves of Mbappé and Haaland. Other planetary stars have their future in question, as is the case with Serge Gnabri. The winger, an essential piece in Bayern’s gear, contract ends in 2023 and, as AS has learned, He is unsure of his next move. The Munich giant wants to extend his contract and the renewal, beyond being an economic problem, depends on the decision of the footballer born in Stuttgart 26 years ago.

Gnabry must strip his particular daisy: stay at Bayern or go on an adventure in another big one in Europe. Options will not be lacking. Several top clubs on the continent have picked up the phone to take an interest in the situation and the context in which the future of the German international finds itself. Among them, Real Madrid. From Sky already picked up that interest in Gnabry and AS has been able to confirm that he is a player who is in the portfolio of the white team. At the moment, the approaches of the interested parties are peripheral. On the other hand, if the attacker decided to go out on the market, the time would come to sit down to negotiate and accelerate events. As we say, Gnabry must decide and Madrid, among others like Barcelona and Liverpool, are attentive to the situation.

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Photo of Gnabry

For Bayern it would be a painful loss.. We are talking about a footballer who, after failing to exploit his full potential at Arsenal, made a decision that catapulted his performance: returning to Germany after leaving the Stuttgart youth academy. A course at Werder Bremen and another at Hoffenheim convinced the Bavarian team to tie him up in the 2018-19 season. Starting, steady growth with a course, 19-20 with his 23 goals and 14 assists, which definitively established him in the elite. All truffled with his preponderant role in achieving the Champions League against PSG, with nine of his goals in the top continental competition.

This season he has not put the brakes on and He has already accumulated 16 goals (the last in the clash that led to the spoils against Dortmund) and 10 assistsan double-double that exposes its importance for Nagelsmann as a generator of offensive football hand in hand with Sané on the other flank. Both cooks, along with Müller, for much of Robert Lewandowski’s 47 goals. Amen of executing arms. Gnabry is the second player with the highest market value According to Transfermarkt of the Munich team, with 70 million, behind Joshua Kimmich’s 85 and tied with the aforementioned Sané, Goretzka (another who was on Madrid’s radar before renewing) and Alphonso Davies. This statistical compendium, hand in hand with his age (26 years), explains why several of the great clubs of the continent wait with the cane ready for him to make his final decision.

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Smoke in the Allianz offices

This is not a one-off situation for a Bayern that is getting used to having to put out fires every time a transfer window approaches. Without going any further, they recently failed to convince a Süle who has chosen to follow his career at Borussia Dortmund or a David Alaba who now triumphs dressed in white and who, when the time comes, could make Cicerone Gnabry if the player and Madrid opted for a common future. He would also have to try snapping him into an attack that features Vinicius, Rodrygo and Asensio as specialists on the flanks, in addition to the potential landing of Mbappeé. Although there are two factors that could help the fit of the operation. First, the ability of the still Bayern star to perform on both wings, as well as in more central positions. The second, the uncertain future of the Balearic Islands now that you have signed with ManagementJorge Mendes’ agency, one year from the end of the contract…

The Thiago case It also remains in the recent memory of the club’s sports management, with Hasan Salihamidzic at the helm, having to let the midfielder out for an amount, 30 million euros, much less than its real value in the face of the risk of not getting any economic return . not forgetting a Robert Lewandowski whose departure in the summer is also on the table, with Barça attentive although aware that his incorporation has edges. Nowthe Pole and Gnabry, in situations that are very reminiscent of the latter by Thiago, are the biggest ‘headaches’ for the entity.

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