Real Madrid has a stronghold for the future in the U-17

El Real Madrid tiene un bastión en la Sub-17: Álvaro Ginés y Pol Fortuny.

That the appearance of players from Real Madrid and its academy has notably decreased in the lists of almost all categories of the National Team is an irrefutable fact. There is no white player on Jose Lana’s latest list for the U-16, Santi Denia did not call any La Fábrica footballer either in his March call for the elite round and Luis de la Fuente has not included anyone from Madrid in the list he gave last Monday for the Under-21 matches against Malta and Northern Ireland next week. Luis Enrique, who has called Asensio and Carvajal to go with the Absolute, was criticized at the time by the merengue fans for not taking any player from his team to the European Championship. But there is a category in which Real Madrid has a stronghold: the U-17. Full-back Yusi, midfielders Pol Fortuny and Antonio David Moreno and striker Álvaro Ginés form the largest nucleus of a team in the team led by Julen Guerrero in the European Championship that is taking place these days in Israel.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

These four footballers give the Madrid fans plenty of reasons to trust that the future of the club is in good handsyes They are four of the best projects currently in Valdebebas, especially that duo made up of Pol Fortuny and Álvaro Ginés. The first, a midfielder with a huge arrival, who went viral a little over a month ago for a Chilean goal against Aluche. A pearl that tied Madrid three seasons ago from Espanyol and that in 2021 he scored 26 goals. In the European Under-17 he has been a starter in two of the three games played so far, as well as Yusi on the left side.

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Álvaro Ginés, David Mella and Pol Fortuny (above) and Rodrigo Mendoza and Víctor Moreno (below).

Álvaro Ginés also has Pol’s scoring ability, who happens to be the fittest scorer in all of La Fábrica.. The striker was one of the most outstanding players in La Rojita’s last game against Serbia, against which he did not score but against which he gave a recital of movements without the ball that facilitated the incursions of his teammates, especially David Nick. Antonio Moreno, for his part, is a lung in the midfield and one of the leaders of the U-17 locker room, of which he is one of the four captains. He has had minutes in all three group stage games, starting in the second against Belgium. Madrid fans can rest easy, the factory continues to supply young products of guaranteed quality.


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