Real Madrid | Kroos: “I almost signed for United”

Toni Kroos.

Toni Kroos landed at Real Madrid in July 2014. One of the great signings in the recent history of the white team, who paid only 25 million euros for a player whose value was much higher. The German did not feel valued at Bayern and chose to leave Munich. The marriage has been a complete success. 359 games played (25 goals and 83 assists) and 16 titles. including the last three Champions Leagues and the last three Leagues. His goal now is to get his fourth Big-earedhelping your team to overcome the 4-3 that Manchester City brings of the first leg at the Etihad. However, everything could have been very different, since the 8 Blanco could have signed for Manchester’s other team, United.

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He explains it in a statement collected by the Daily Mailon the occasion of Madrid’s Champions League semi-final second leg against the citizens. “I knew in advance that United wanted me. And (David) Moyes was completely in agreement. It was a very nice afternoon with very nice people. We talked a lot about United’s plan for the future, which convinced me. But we also got to know each other personally. We got to know the Moyes family quite a bit. We talked about how we lived and how we imagined family life,” Kroos contextualizes.

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“We agreed verbally. The next step would be to see everything on-site, in Manchester. The move would not have been so complicated; After all, we only had a seven-month-old son then. Everything would have worked”, Add. We are talking about the month of January 2014 and the renewal with Bayern was stuck. Moyes had also spoken with Volker Struth, the footballer’s agent, indicates the aforementioned medium. Everything seemed prepared, until April 22. That day, David Moyes was removed as manager of Manchester United.

“With United I wouldn’t have won the Champions League three times”

“I am not someone who thinks in hypotheses. Yes, it was close. I was about to go to Manchester United. But things didn’t turn out that way. I’m not one to think ‘what if’. Because there are no real answers to it. The only thing I can say for sure is that I probably wouldn’t have won the Champions League three times with Manchester United”, asserts a Kroos who closes the door to a possible landing at Old Trafford when his contract with Madrid ends (June 30 of 2023): “United is too big a club to be there for a year or two. It’s not a club you go to to finish your career. You have to be there for three or four years and both the player and the club must have a clear idea.”

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