Real Madrid-Levante Madrid sprints towards Paris

Real Madrid-Levante Madrid sprints towards Paris

Real Madrid-Levante Madrid sprints towards Paris

There was a feast from Madrid and a greater and expected disappointment from Levante, from now Second team. What there was not was party. Ancelotti brought together Modric, Benzema and Vinicius and the thing ended in a massacre. Lisci’s team did not go down due to their invisibility at the Bernabéu, but they did arrive there with their arms down. He looked at the table, considered that there was nothing to do and did not do it on the night that Benzema drew with Raúl and Madrid passed a quality control before traveling to Paris.

Three weeks and four games to prepare for a final. Madrid’s is a long wait, with the risk of overdoing or falling short in managing efforts, which it tries to give a useful life: It is a good opportunity to gauge the emergence of Camavinga, it gives to know if in Paris it is convenient to cover up with Valverde or uncover with Rodrygo and serves to loosen the bench for what may happen in Saint Denis. And things are expected to happen from this Madrid. Minor challenges must also be sought: Benzema lassoing Raúl, legend upon legend, or Courtois speeding up his chances of reaching Zamora.

That was the fun part of the duel. The drama was written on the board by Levante. A defeat was the guillotine. She came out with that point of madness of someone who has nothing to lose because he has already lost everything, but he had depression on his back. In a quarter of an hour it had become a drain. A good summary of what his season has been: there is no attack that can resist a lousy defense. And Morales has been a commander without a rearguard.

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The beginning of the end

Madrid took the game in good spirits, which they hope will accompany them in Paris, and with a lying rotation. In this mix were Courtois, Modric, Benzema and Vinicius, the four legs that have sustained this League. None appeared in the eleven of the derby and the four fell on a Levante that arrived dead.

At 13′ minutes Modric sent a ball behind the back of the Granota defense and Mendy, who stole the area from Vinicius, reached the area without anyone coming out or greeting him and he scored from the first post, the one that Cárdenas gave him. Then the goalkeeper’s redemption was tremendous, because a shower of shrapnel came over him: Valverde missed one, sent three to the post, Rodrygo had a goal disallowed, Vinicius lost another between the goalkeeper’s fingertips, Benzema a shot crossed too much… A siege that pointed to a scandal marker in which Madrid interspersed a second goal, in a header from Benzema to Vinicius’s center, a whole League as a couple. The French hunted Raúl. He is already a silver medalist in the club’s scorers honor roll.

Almost immediately Rodrygo made the third, to an empty goal, sending Modric. The Brazilian has taken a liking to the heart of the area, and not only in the Champions League. Cunning accompanies a lack of daring.

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Vinicius’s icing

Before the break, Lisci removed two for not removing everyone and changed the 3-5-2 to a 4-2-4. She did not aspire to a swerve but to send a message that category can be lost but not composure. The solution was not there either. At the edge of the break Vinicius filled the wound with salt. 21 goals adds up and paints that he is not going to drop that rifle.

The second half was even more relaxed. Madrid already had a full stomach and their adrenaline dropped. And Levante wanted to take the vinegar out of defeat by exchanging chances in a game without midfielders, without withdrawal, without tension and without emotion. Ancelotti put Mariano in because you never know who you might need in Paris and then he was removing starters, but before that Modric, Benzema and Vinicius put the final decoration: deep pass by the first, several blows from the waist by the second to give the goal to the third . A goal with lyrics and music. The Brazilian would close the account later with his first hat-trick.

They gave Peter a quarter of an hour in an unprofitable year for the quarry (he also had Gila minutes) and even scored an unfinished slalom. And another entire game Ancelotti gave Vallejo, determined to show that he deserved more. It was a night when everyone danced on the tomb of Levante.

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Enis Bardi (38′, Radoja), Campaign (38′, Martin Caceres), Roger (56′, Dani Gómez), Stonecutter (56′, Gonzalo Melero), Mariano (61′, Rodrigo), Peter Frederick (74′, Modric), Jović (74′, Benzema), Kroos (74′, Federico Valverde), I see (76′, Robert), Gila Fuentes (81′, Nacho)


1-0, 12′: Ferland Mendy2-0, 18′: Benzema3-0, 33′: Rodrygo4-0, 44′: Vinicius Junior5-0, 67′: Vinicius Junior6-0, 82′: Vinicius Junior


Referee: Adrian Cordero Vega
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Camavinga (42′, Yellow) Roger (64′, Yellow) modric (68′, Yellow


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