Real Madrid: The new Rodrygo

Real Madrid: The new Rodrygo

Holy Week of passion for Rodrygo and subsequent confirmation in Pamplona. Madrid saved a match ball against Chelsea, he denied a league revival to Sevilla and Barça thanks in large part to Rodrygo. To a strengthened Rodrygo, rather. At El Sadar he played on the left wing, his favorite position, and from there caused two penalties (although De Burgos Bengoetxea only whistled one), he left a couple of controls neymarescos and above all a certainty: it’s lit up right at the hottest time of the season.

Rodrygo's photo

Madrid has been coming for a long time looking at Rodrygo’s situation patiently but with some concern. The club will lighten up the wings this summer (Bale, at least, and Asensio is on the wing) but in return, an immovable starter is expected, Mbappé. Haaland could be the indirect hinge of the Brazilian’s future. If the Norwegian also landed to join a squad in which Benzema has scored 39 goals this season and Vinicius 14 goals and 18 assists, the number of roosters for only three places would be very high…

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Rodrygo joins the fight, whoever his competition is, on time. The club manages physical data of the players but also advanced statistics, and there Until this week, Rodrygo’s offensive performance was significantly below the average for players in his position. Three games were not overlooked in 2022, the two from Getafe and the one from Mallorca, in which the boy did not even try a shot. “Go with more decision to the goal”several heavyweights from the locker room have been advising him. “Attack the goal more”. The effect was seen against Chelsea and Sevilla and it was like uncorking a bottle of champagne. Also at El Sadar, where he played his 100th game with Madrid. Rodryas his close ones call him, is on fire.

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A good example was that game against Getafe at the Coliseum. The young attacker left substituted and frustrated in the 66th minute because he could not show himself to Ancelotti in the first great opportunity that the Italian gave him on his favorite wing, the left, which he has barely been able to taste since he signed for Madrid. Because Rodrygo, at Santos, played in that attacking lane. During 2018, his year of explosion in Brazil, he played 27 games in that extreme position in the left zone, 63 percent of the total. Looking at the heat field of that day in the Coliseum and the one of this past Sunday, both in that position where it looks more comfortable, it is perceived at a glance that against Osasuna he got rid of the offensive shyness and stepped much more on the rival area. The absence of the owner of that place in the starting eleven, his compatriot and friend Vinicius, was not noticed…

Real Madrid: The new Rodrygo

The heat maps of Rodrygo’s activity against Getafe, in January, and this past Tuesday in Pamplona, ​​show that the Brazilian in his favorite place, the left, attacks much deeper.

A protective environment, masses and a new passion, fashion

The situation of the Brazilian, especially the family, is very stable. He lives with his parents (Eric and Denise) and his little sister Julya, he has a work environment in which his personal trainer, Marcel Duarte, stands out, with whom he continues perfecting a physique that took a remarkable evolutionary leap with a special plan two years. From time to time he also meets again (in Brazil or Spain) with one of his first coaches, who now manages the Escolinha Lightningwith the effigy and support of the madridista (he was the Lightning of Vila Belmiro in Santos) as a great claim. Coincidence or not, this new impetus for Rodrygo came during Holy Week, a special moment for him, of deep religious beliefs and who usually attends mass when possible.

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Real Madrid: The new Rodrygo

Rodrygo, very believer, celebrated his goal in Pizjuán pointing to the sky.

A family version and a spiritual one that coexist with his hobbies as a boy of just 21 years old. In recent months he is giving free rein more decisively to his love of fashion, being seen at Fashion Week from Milan where he wanted to meet a legend of haute couture such as Giorgio Armani. Not just the catwalks. Also has been collaborating with a renowned customizer of sneakers that is ‘shoeing’ new urban music stars like Duki and Jhay Cortez.

Real Madrid: The new Rodrygo

Rodrygo poses with his partner with designer Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion Week.

A Rodrygo who is finally beginning to come out of his shell at a time when Ancelotti could not congratulate himself more. Together with Valverde, Camavinga and the recent addition of Ceballos, a Unit B to finish off the League and dream of the Champions League.


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