REAL VALLADOLID 3 – HUESCA 0 The Pucela rebounds to the First!

REAL VALLADOLID 3 - HUESCA 0 The Pucela rebounds to the First!

Real Valladolid is First. A season after being relegated, Ronaldo Nazário’s club returns to the elite with an epic unknown in Zorrilla. The stadium of hope became a place of joy seeing how the blanquivioletas were associated with fortune, the one that has not smiled a bit on them all season, to rise thanks to the goal of Alcorcón and the good work of Leganés. Five days has been the Pucela in direct ascent, but it has been enough.

Shield/Flag Royal Valladolid

The pucelanos did not think much about it. DFrom the first minute they went for the victory, coming in on both sides. However, it was Martínez who, with a direct shot, put Masip in trouble in the opposite goal. Toni on the left caused problems, but the clear opportunities did not come. Plata had a clear opportunity, but his center shot was lost, Salvador took a ball from Iván Sánchez on the goal line and Nacho missed the half-turn. Then Plata appeared who with two free kicks and one from a direct corner tried to surprise the rival goalkeeper without success. Huesca trusted everything to a dizzying counterattack and Gaich found it, but his shot went to the side of the goal. The last play of the first half was tremendous. The Argentine from the Huesca team crashed the ball into the crossbar and a pucelana counterattack came off the rebound directed by Plata, who changed to the left for Toni who, in turn, tempered the ball to Weissman so that he would also meet with a header. timber.

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The pucelanos did not hesitate either in the second part. They went out to solve and put pressure on the rivals. On the first arrival, Nacho ran into Andrés, who also avoided Toni’s goal in the rebound, but was unable to do anything with the shot from Weissmann, 20 goals, after four minutes of VAR checking. The madness in Zorrilla, which multiplied with the goal of Silver. The Ecuadorian received a magical service from El Yamiq into space and sentenced the match. Ythe only thing left to do was look at Butarque and Santo Domingo. Escriche took the opportunity to create some danger, but it didn’t come because he attacked too much alone. The sentence was put by Aguado after a great internship, again, from Plata and everything was waiting for the other two games to finish. With the goal from Alcorcón, already in the heart of Pucelano forever, Zorrilla exploded and the party began: Pucela is First Class.


Juan Carlos (45′, Florian Miguel), monchu (56′, Ivan Sanchez), junior lake (56′, Adolfo Gaich), Pol Prats (69′, Pablo Martinez), Ferreiro (70′, Mateu), Eusebio Monzo (80′, Insua), Jon Morcillo (81′, Tony Villa), Sergio Leon (81′, Weissmann), annual (82′, Aguado), Christ Gonzalez (84′, Gonzalo Plata)

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1-0, 46′: Weissmann2-0, 51′: Gonzalo Silver3-0, 78′: Watery


Referee: Juan Luis Pulido Santana
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Mateu (35′, Yellow


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