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No one trusts his shadow here anymore. The Spanishfor their continuous incidents with the VARthe last one that embarrassment lived on Sunday at the Wanda with Handsome assistant referee and Thomas Renones as an aspiring boxer, though Vincent Moreno pour water into the wine. And the Vallecano Raybecause despite following a reasonable distance from the descent, it chains 13 days without winning and see how those below have been activated in unison. Between rebellion and funk, the figure of Thomas Raula double-edged cicerone, just like Embarba in background (follow the match live on

Espanyol Shield/Flag

LaLiga Santander

*Data updated as of April 20, 2022

With the foul converted against Atlético de Madrid (2-1), 15 goals sum RdT in this League, his record in the First Division just above the 14 he scored with the Lightning in the 2018-19 season. Aspire to equal or exceed the Borja Iglesias 17 that year with Spanish. That individual honor is one of the few stimuli that parrots have left, saved virtually and with Europe unattainable, together with the maximum points at the RCDE Stadium, he has 31, which is also 36 points from three seasons ago. the return of yangel herrera after serving a sanction and ownership of Alex Vidal due to injury of Oscar Gil make up the main innovations that Vicente Moreno will present.

will not be able Keidi Bareundisputed parakeet holder, reunite with his compatriot Ivan Balliuwith whom he played four weeks ago in Cornellà on Spain-Albaniadue to the expulsion of the right side in the Alavés-Ray (1-0) on Saturday, in which place he will enter Mario Hernandez. and will recover Trejo the playmaker. Will have to see if Falcao travels, as his coach pointed out yesterday, two months later. The Iraola effect is blurred, who if he does not win today will link the worst winless streak of the red-and-white story but which, in turn, has always won to the Espanyol of Vicente Moreno. The forcefulness is being the great must of the team that marveled at the end of 2021 and that, after Espanyol, will visit Barcelona on Sunday not too far away.

Lightning Shield/Flag

LaLiga Santander

*Data updated as of April 20, 2022

Glancingly, or not so much as they develop eventsthe focus will be placed on Mateu Lahozwho returns to arbitrate in LaLiga since that “you owe me one” to Enes Unal in it Getafe-Majorca three weeks ago, and about the vor room, from where the Federation separated Cuadra Fernández on Tuesday after his controversial decisions in Seville-Espanyol on Sunday, to put Gonzalez Gonzalez. Rebellion and funk, football heritage.




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