Recalls Mazda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes and Audi

Recalls Mazda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes and Audi

We are ending the week and of course, the year and that is why the brands and the European Commission are rushing to announce the last recalls of the year that in this case affect several important models in the European market.

As you may already know, the fact that your model is on this list does not necessarily imply that your specific unit is affected and, as you can see, the recalls affect specific dates of specific models manufactured even in specific factories.

We are surprised by the fact that Mazda calls for revision to models as old as those that appear in the list, but it is that the call for revision of these models has to do with the airbags of Takata.

Calls for review

Make: SEAT

Name: Leon

Production dates: from 09/18/2020 to 12/14/2020

Company recall code: 4R8

Risk type: Injuries

During the assembly process of the rear bead axle housing at the supplier, the set screw of the rear left or right rear axle housing may not have been tightened to the required torque. Friction noise can occur in the area of ​​the rear axle during operation, which can be followed by a loss of control of the vehicle when the casing comes loose, increasing the risk of an accident.

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Make: VW

Name: T-Cross

Production dates: from 9.9.2020 to 2.7.2021

Company recall code: 90S4

Risk type: Injuries

In all affected T-Cross vehicles, a software error in the instrument cluster control unit may result in no visual or acoustic warnings being issued when rear seat passengers are not wearing their seat belts, which increases the risk of injury.

Brand: AUDI

Name: e-tron

Production dates: 6.05.2021 – 07.14.2021

Company recall code: 47R7

Risk type: Injuries

Due to a manufacturing anomaly, a fault or error message appears on the instrument panel. There is a risk that an electronic component of the brake pressure unit may corrode over time and lead to a malfunction of the brake assist system, vehicle stability systems and the speed indicator on the instrument panel. , which increases the risk of accident.

recalls Mazda CX-30


Name: Mazda CX-30

Production dates: from 04.25.2019 to 03.20.2020

Company recall code: AL025A

Risk type: Injuries

Because defects have been identified in the adaptive led lights, they should be inspected and, if necessary, the ECU reprogrammed. In the absence of these led lights, the risk of accidents increases.


Name: Class C

Production dates: 30.03.2021 – 28.06.2021

Company recall code: 9192003

Risk type: Injuries

In some cases, the final seat belt support on the driver’s seat may not have been installed to specification; in this case, the final seat belt support would only be held in position on the outer seat. In the event of adverse conditions or an accident, this could seriously impair the fastening function of the seat belt and increase the risk of injury to the driver.

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Brand: BMW

Name: X1, X2, 1, 2, M4, M5, 4, 5, I3

Production dates: 21.10.2021 and 27.10.2021

Company recall code: 0072360200, 0072370200

Risk type: Injuries

The bolts used to mount the seat belts and also the rear seats of the vehicles may not have been manufactured to specification. In some cases, the screws in question cannot withstand extreme loads, which could increase the risk of injury in the event of an accident.


Name: CX8 / CX9 / RX8

Production dates

CX7: January 1, 2007 – June 12, 2009

CX9: June 25, 2008 – August 9, 2012

RX8: July 26, 2003 – July 1, 2010

Company recall code: AJ046E / AJ046D / AJ046F

Risk type: Injuries

The air bag inflator can experience material change over time due to degradation that occurs after long-term exposure to moisture and can cause the front passenger air bag module to explode when an air bag deploys. Excessive internal pressure can cause the inflator body to rupture and metal fragments can pass through the cushion material causing injury to the occupants. As you can imagine, this recall has to do with the Takata airbag case.


Name: Lexus CT200h

Production dates: 04.06.2020 – 05.08.2020

Company recall code: 21SMD-089

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Risk type: Fire and Injury

The welded surface between the fuel tank and the inlet pipe can detach, causing fuel leakage when the tank is full or being refilled. In the presence of an ignition source, fuel leakage can increase the risk of fire.

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