record iPhone production at the end of 2021

iPhone 13

The research and analysis company TrendForce has just published a study which demonstrates, if necessary, the strike force of Apple. During the fourth quarter of 2021, the Cupertino company thus increased its iPhone production to a level never before reached of 85.5 million units. A feat all the more remarkable as the shortage of electronic chips and the pandemic are disrupting the supply chain.

Very good performances in Europe and China

In detail, analysts explain that Apple has retained its first place in the ranking of smartphone brands by production for the fourth quarter of 2021. This domination is indeed usual insofar as Apple launches a new iPhone every year in the month of September, and it is therefore a high point for the apple brand.

In concrete terms, these 85.5 million units produced still represent an increase of 66% compared to the previous quarter. Experts believe that this good result is explained by a price offer ” reasonable for consumers, enough to boost demand for the new range of iPhone 13. Consequently, competitors such as the Chinese giant Huawei, have left their feathers there.

Over one year, Apple has therefore produced 233 million units against only 200 million in 2020. The Chinese market has been particularly buoyant for the Cupertino company, and its market share has increased from 10 to 16%.

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In Europe too, Apple had a very good end to the year. The Apple brand has also managed to occupy second place in the IDC ranking which it has stolen from the Chinese company Xiaomi.

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