Record: it is already possible to send up to 0.05 bitcoins at lightning speed

Key facts:
  • The previous record for the average of LN channels was 0.047 BTC.

  • The full capacity of LN is also in ATH with a total of 4,300 bitcoins.

The average capacity of Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) payment channels hit a new high of 0.05 BTC, implying that it is theoretically possible to send this amount to any other LN user.

The clarification on the sending capacity is that it is an average, that is, there are channels with a lower capacity and others with a higher capacity. Nevertheless, the fact that the average continues to rise is a promising sign regarding the adoption and use of this BTC micropayment network.

If translated into fiat money, the average capacity of LN’s payment channels is about $1,000, based on the current price of bitcoin on the foreign exchange market. Comparing this amount to the previous Lightning Network channel capacity record, it would be lower. In June of this year, CriptoNoticias reported that it was already possible to send up to USD 1,800. However, the figure in BTC was only 0.047. This is because the price of bitcoin has sustained a drop that affects this type of calculation.

The total capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network is also setting an all-time high (ATH). Today, this value reached 4,300 BTC, which converted to fiat currency would be USD 89 million.

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The ATH of the total capacity of LN in fiat currency was USD 216 million and was reached in November 2021. The difference is that at that time the price of bitcoin in the market was around USD 67,000, while today it is barely holds above USD 20,000 per unit.

It is important to mention that the capacity of the channels could be considered more relevant than the mere total capacity of the Lightning network. This is because payment channels are the means by which BTC is sent from one user to another. If your average is higher, it means that the possibility of sending and receiving more money is higher.

The total capacity of the network, for its part, although very high, is a figure that could be influenced by the capacity of a few channels that do not even route third-party payments. This would make it an amount of little value on a practical level.

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