Recover iPhone and iPad storage space with this Dropbox trick

iPhone app Dropbox

Dropbox can be useful for many uses: upload all new photos to the cloud, work on documents created on a PC, share any type of file with relatives, etc.

To speed up the consultation of files in the app, whether on mobile or computer, Dropbox has created cache files. And among heavy users of the famous cloud service, these can take up significant space on an iPhone or iPad. It is however possible to get rid of to recover a few tens, or even hundreds of MB. Here’s how :

On iPhone or iPad, first launch the Dropbox app. Then perform the following tasks:

  • Go to the “Account” tab at the bottom right of the screen
  • Reach the settings via the icon of toothed wheel on the top corner left
Dropbox app iOS screen for accessing settings


  • Then go down the screen to reach the heading “Empty cache”
Dropbox setting screen for cache managementDropbox setting screen for cache management


  • Validate the operation by pressing again on “Empty cache” in red
Dropbox window for cache deletion validationDropbox window for cache deletion validation


It is specified that the operation does not erase no personal files neither online nor those offline. They are simply temporary files that end up being deleted. These allow the app to be more responsive by storing certain previews, for example.

Over time, cache files come back and become bigger and bigger again. It is therefore a manipulation to be repeated from time to time. This is all the more recommended for heavy users of Dropbox and/or owners of iPhone/iPad with limited internal storage space.

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Note that after deleting the cache, the Dropbox app may be slightly slower than before the procedure, at least temporarily, and that’s normal!

Dropbox is free (with 2 GB of storage), however, you can reach 16 GB of free storage by referring your friends. It’s one of my favorite cloud services. And you, what is your favorite?

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