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Apple Park

We already knew the date, and now we are (almost) aware of the guests. Apple’s next WWDC, which will be held in Apple Park from June 6 to 10, will be an opportunity for the Apple brand to meet developers from around the world to discuss iOS with them, iPadOS and macOS, Apple’s three operating systems.

Every year this event is eagerly awaited by Apple customers who will be able to discover, on June 7, 2022 normally, the new face of iOS with the presentation by Tim Cook’s teams of the latest version of Apple’s software. But if the general public generally retains the advanced software offered by Apple during this WWDC opening keynote, Apple is far from doing just that.

This conference week is indeed a privileged moment of exchange for the Apple brand, one of its rare occasions to take corrective measures based on the feedback it receives from developers external to Apple who work every days on iOS, iPadOS or macOS.

A pre-selection next week

If Apple greatly appreciates receiving these returns, not everyone can give them, and the Cupertino company has set up a registration file this year to perhaps have the chance to go to Cupertino. Between May 9 and 11, developers who wish to do so will be able to register before participating in a draw, designating the winners.

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The only condition to be able to register on this preselection list: to be part of the Apple Developer program and the Apple Developer Enterprise program. Once chosen, the developers who will have the right to go on site must, due to the pandemic, present a negative Covid-19 test of less than 72 hours.

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