Rejuvenating the squad is an objective that is already underway

Rejuvenecer la plantilla es un objetivo que ya echa a andar

Betis concluded the season with a squad whose average age was slightly over 29 years old. Thus, One of the goals of the sports management led by Antonio Cordón this summer is to rejuvenate Pellegrini’s teamsomething for which the first steps have already been taken.

Shield/Flag Betis

Because Betis has already closed, although without officially announcing, the signings of Luiz Felipe and Luiz Henrique. This will mean that a 25-year-old player and a 21-year-old player will join the Betis club. Two thirtysomethings like Joel Robles and Tello have already packed their bags at the end of their contracts. Therefore, the average age is already falling.

The outputs that occur will determine whether or not this plan can be followed in its entirety. The mix of veteran and youth has been more than successful this year in the Villamarin and the intention is to repeat said recipe.


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