Relationship crisis during quarantine? Nintendo’s “Mario Kart” could be the solution

¿Crisis de pareja durante la cuarentena? “Mario Kart” de Nintendo podría ser la solución

The quarantine for the coronavirus could be playing in favor of some couples, which are finally taking advantage of spending all this time together; but perhaps there is also the other side of the coin, that is, those who being locked at home 24 hours with the other person has become a nightmare.

If you identify with the second situation, If you have a console at home, particularly from Nintendo, and the “Mario Kart” game, both could become the “saviors” of your relationship.

How is this possible?

CenturyLink conducted a survey of 1,000 regular video game players to find out their habits; 1 in 3 users indicated that they tend to play with a partner, which has helped their relationship to be closer, especially when they play “Mario Kart”, followed by some other titles such as “Call of Duty” and “Skyrim”.

“Video games can help people work together to achieve a common goal. These types of shared activities can encourage and create more intimacy between individuals, ”said therapist Ryan M. Earl.


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