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Apple Watch Series 7 2021

Today is the first day of October. If this month a new Apple presentation can take place, or at least the announcement of a new presentation for maybe the beginning of November, it is also possibly the month of release of the Apple Watch Series 7. Because the new watch is, unlike the new iPhone 13, iPad mini and iPad, not yet available, neither in stores nor in pre-orders.

But according to AppleTrack, which would have got its hands on internal emails exchanged at Hermès, Apple’s partner for the Apple Watch, the pre-orders could begin on Friday October 8 precisely. This would mean that its in-store launch would take place on October 15, 2021.

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However, Jon Prosser, a well-known Apple informant, has in the past announced an availability of the Apple Watch Series 7 in mid-October, which fits perfectly with this Hermès rumor.

Remember that the new generation of watch, presented at the last keynote at the beginning of September, does not bring any big news compared to the Series 6 launched last year. As seen there, in a Series 6 vs Series 7 comparison, the latest iteration of the Watch benefits from a slightly larger and better screen, a new IP6X waterproofing certification, new case colors, ‘a new fast charging mode, but also new exclusive dials. Some features of watchOS 7, such as a full letter and number keypad, are also exclusive to the new generation of watches. But that’s about all. The processor chip, for example, is the same from one generation to the next.

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