Release of iOS and iPadOS in version 15.3 (beta 2 developers)

iOS 15.3

Apple shared last night a new version of iOS, still numbered 15.3 (beta 2) but without much new according to information from the publisher. This therefore leads us to believe that, as is often the case, these are above all changes dedicated to security or fixing technical issues reported by users.

We were still able to notice a small difference in terms of functionality iCloud Private Relay, which has been in the news for the past few days. Indeed, some operators like T-Mobile now block it, so Apple has decided to specify it when this is the case. In this way, Internet users know that it is not their mobile that is crashing, but that the fault is indeed their access provider.

iCloud Private Relay

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Also for tablets

At the same time, Apple also released iPadOS 15.3 beta 2. This operating system is based on iOS, and is simply a variation for larger screens: it is therefore usual to see the two software being updated at the same time.

In terms of improvements, nothing significant here either except for the iCloud Private Relay.

How to install a beta as a developer?

For the moment, not everyone has access to this version, which is reserved for registered developers of the same name at Apple. The cost of this amounts to just under 90 euros per year. It is also recommended, we remind you, not to install a beta on a mobile used on a daily basis but only on test devices, for safety.

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If you still want to try iOS 15.3 beta 2 or iPadOS 15.3 beta 2 without having a developer account, then all you have to do is wait a few days and follow these steps.

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