Renew your morning routine: Habits for better intestinal health throughout the day

Renueva tu rutina matutina: Hábitos para una mejor salud intestinal durante todo el día

The morning gives us a new opportunity to resort to natural tools that help us improve intestinal health, mood and prevent diseases

One of the most important aspects for those who follow all kinds of wellness trends, focuses on his series of morning routines. Based on this we currently have on hand all kinds of recommendations to start the morning on the right foot.

The truth is that for many the best time of day to optimize health is morning, since the organism is rested and eager to receive the nutrients and stimuli that help you function better throughout the day. It is because of that a new day is a fresh start To meet the most important health goals: nourish the body, provide you with the quality energy you need to fulfill your tasks, speed up metabolism, improve your physical and mental performance, enhance intestinal and digestive health, improve mood and prevent disease. All this is possible according to habits and customs that we continue on a daily basis.

Specialist in medicine and nutrition point out that ensure good intestinal health it is the most fundamental factor in any morning routine. Start the day with a poor digestion that is characterized by stomach pains and a lot of inflammationIt can make the day feel eternal and exhausting. When it becomes a recurrent and chronic state the discomforts become a regular condition and they park in people’s lives, which significantly deteriorates the quality of life.

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The good news is that there are effective and infallible recommendations for enhance and stimulate intestinal health. Following these tips will make a significant difference not only in the way we live day by day, it’s part of a lifestyle that helps us live longer and better.

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as possible

Starting the day with natural liquids is an extraordinary way to support daily requirements and at the same time it is a great habit for digestive health, as promotes bowel movement and is therefore a good ally for prevent and combat constipation. Before drinking your classic coffee or tea or any morning drink, drink a big glass of water, is one of the better customs that you can integrate into your routine and without a doubt the simplest. At the same time it is related to benefits for purify the body and help it eliminate toxins.

2. Breakfast rich in prebiotics

Turn your breakfast into a menu rich in prebiotic foods (that is, prebiotic fiber), they stand out for being a type of nondigestible carbohydratess that feed the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the intestine. Stimulate the functioning of the microbiota it is one of the best health habits and is related to great benefits to boost immunity, prevent diseases, speed up metabolism and it even improves mental health.

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Nutrition specialists recommend consumption of prebiotics that come from vegetarian food, trying to integrate into each breakfast a portion of oats, barley or rye. At the same time start the day with the consumption of fiber + carbohydratesis the perfect formula to have happy to the digestive and intestinal systems. It is also an excellent tip for regulate appetite throughout the day. Enjoy a nice bowl of oatmeal with banana or cooked barley with apples and cinnamon, they are most comforting and satisfying.

3. Get active with some exercise

Many of the people who usually do regular physical activity they love to do it in the morningsThis is largely due to positive stimulusor that exercise generates throughout the body. It is the best way to start the day with quality energy, good humor and agility, at the same time it has been shown that physical activity improves gut microbial diversity and this results in a increased population of beneficial bacteria. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise: a hikejog gently for a few minutes or do a yog sessiona is perfect. Related to benefits for improve digestion and absorption of nutrientsat the same time is the best way to ensure bowel movement and promote waste disposal.

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4. Take probiotics

Other fundamental eating habit is to include the consumption of foods rich in probiotics, are indispensable when it comes to a optimal intestinal health. They are known as good bacteria and are proven to have a immediate effect on digestive health. While the first option that comes to mind is the yogurt and it’s great, the recommendation is get probiotics from various sources like kefir, kombucha, tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, some cheeses, and kimchi. It is the best way to guarantee various bacterial strains that will strengthen intestinal health and therefore to immune system.


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