Rental of computer equipment for teleworking: think about it!

Pensez à la location de matériel informatique pour le télétravail !

With the pandemic still present and the resulting re-containment, teleworking is strongly recommended by the government. Companies must implement the necessary means to continue their activities, maintain their turnover and avoid bankruptcy.

From this perspective, the rental of computer equipment is an interesting solution which has many advantages.

Health before all

Faced with Covid-19, everyone’s health is a priority. The second epidemic wave requires the strictest respect for the measures put in place. Travel is prohibited except upon certification and in cases of force majeure: legal summons, assistance to vulnerable and insecure people, childcare, purchases of basic necessities, etc. Most companies are using teleworking to protect the health of their employees and stay active despite the health and economic crisis.

Thus, their turnover can be maintained at best. Everyone can also continue to work and receive their salary while remaining safe at home.

Computer equipment rental: an interesting solution for teleworking

The use of computer equipment is essential and essential for professionals from all sectors. However, the acquisition of computer equipment can represent a fairly large budget. In addition to the purchase, it takes maintenance, replacement and adaptation to new technological advances to maintain the productivity and efficiency of teams in carrying out their daily tasks.

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To limit costs, laptop rental is an advantageous solution, especially during this period of confinement. Simple, fast and configurable, PC rental allows you to maintain flexibility in the management of professional IT equipment during teleworking.

Also you can enjoyhigh-performance computer equipment at the cutting edge of technology and adapted to the needs of your business (processor, hard disk, RAM…). On specialized sites, you will therefore have the possibility to rent Laptops (HP, Dell, Toshiba), desktop PCs, to use the portable MAC rental or desktop and various accessories for computers: monitors, tablets, etc.

A perfect solution for short-term projects

The rental of computer equipment is particularly recommended for one-off and short-term projects: trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. It is also a good solution to allow workers to exercise during this period of confinement. This will prevent you from purchasing new equipment which may prove to be unnecessary in the long run.

Besides avoiding making large investments, you will be able to return the machines once you no longer need them by renting computer equipment. Thus, you will avoid waste and unnecessary material.

telecommuting: rent your PCs

Rental of computer equipment: a financially advantageous option

Renting your computer equipment allows keep the company’s investment capacity intact. This is because it saves you from investing in technological assets whose value is declining rapidly.

Note that the lifespan of a computer is 3 years on average.

After that, computers might need frequent updates and repairs. The resulting costs could turn out to be higher than the purchase price.

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With the rental of computer equipment, company funds remain intact. They can be used to finance more profitable activities. You will also be able to have high-performance IT equipment that meets the real needs of the company while reducing administrative management costs.

Rent your IT tools to have high-tech equipment

For preserve the productivity and performance of teams, the employer must provide them with high-performance computer equipment adapted to the latest technological advances. Replacing IT equipment every 3 years can quickly become very expensive and represent a major problem in terms of logistics. However, you expose yourself to outdated and poorly performing computers by keeping an old computer park.

In fact, PCs over 3 years old may not be suitable for the latest versions of the software required for the company’s activities. On the other hand, the rental of computer equipment allows you to always have a state-of-the-art IT park. Indeed, this gives you the possibility of replacing computer equipment when it becomes obsolete without making large investments. This way, you will be able to have efficient equipment that meets the real needs of your company at all times.

Homogenize the IT park

Be aware that the heterogeneity of software and hardware is a source of many inconveniences, making IT park management complex. Indeed, communication problems, software incompatibilities and other concerns can arise at any time and hamper the productivity of workers. By renting your computer equipment, you won’t have this kind of problem. You will benefit from a homogeneous, efficient and above all easy to manage IT park.

media teletravail rent your pc

Ensuring team productivity

Also note that the rental of computer equipment allows you to offload the management of devices which requires time and technical skills. Indeed, maintenance can be taken care of by a service provider who is expert in his field. In this way, your technical teams will be able to focus on tasks that are more profitable and more at the heart of the company’s activity such as the deployment of a CRM, the development of web services, etc.

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Some things to take into account before renting your computer equipment

The rental of computer equipment requires that certain elements be taken into account.
First, you need to define your business performance needs up front. This will help you considerably in choosing the most suitable offer. Also, it is important to carefully analyze the duration and clauses of the contract to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition, know that it is imperative to return the equipment in the same condition as when you received it. Otherwise, you risk paying compensation according to the damage caused and thus find yourself confronted with substantial amounts.
So remember to educate employees on the subject.

What to remember?

The health crisis has completely turned everyone’s personal and professional life upside down. During this reconfinement, the rental of computer equipment is presented as the ideal solution to protect employees without putting the activity of the company at risk. Indeed, your teams will be able to continue to work while staying at home and thus you will have the possibility of maintaining your turnover without worry.

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