Renting an isolated house: where to go green?

Maison nature islande

I am writing this article for anyone like me looking to rent a secluded house in the middle of nature to spend a few quiet days. In the middle of the green, near the sea or the mountain, in the middle of a forest or a field, a house in the middle of nowhere to relax, to rest, to live far from the city and the people. To write and improvise a writing residency alone or accompanied; to read, to do nothing, to escape children, family, the Internet, or the phone.

Yes, I want all of that right now. Go away for a few days and completely disconnect from everything, leaving my phone and my computer at home, in a place deliberately cut off from the Internet, without seeing any other human. Just my partner and myself, and a few wild animals roaming around.

So here is a list of places outside the world where it is possible to rent a detached house, at a reasonable price, or even for free. For all those who, like me, want to isolate themselves in the middle of nothing, in France, in Europe, or in the rest of the world.

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1. Houses for rent in the middle of nature

I just discovered that there was a site specializing in renting houses in the middle of nature, and logically called House. A small Dutch club with barely a dozen employees, and which offers an excellent alternative to the more well-known booking sites, for anyone looking for a quiet, green place away from the crowds and the city. Well, the site is not yet fully optimized for France and the translations of the advertisements are done via Google Translate; but, in my opinion, it is an alternative that should be supported and helped to develop if, like me, you want to rent a detached house. In addition, they plant trees for each night booked …

The following rates are announced for a week (7 nights), generally for four people minimum.

Rent a secluded house in the middle of Icelandic nature in Hella (909 €)

Listing ID: 37025.

House in the middle of nature in Vals-les-Bains (€ 570.75)

Listing ID: 31029.

Vals les Bains

Nature house in Vinkeveen (€ 887.95)

Listing ID: 36644.


House in central Sweden in Östmark (€ 504.95)

Listing ID: 30051.

Renting an isolated house: where to go green?

House from 1700 in the middle of German Hesse (Hessische schweiz – € 619.95)

Listing ID: 36318.

Renting an isolated house: where to go green?

2. Places to camp in the middle of nature

For all those who can find or rent a car, or who travel on foot, by bike, in a campervan, and could not afford to rent an isolated house, France is full of places to camp in the middle of nature. I have already made the list of the 7 best places to go wild camping in France but I wanted to talk to you about the black triangle of Quercy again.

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Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park

It is in the Causses du Quercy regional natural park that we find the black triangle of Quercy (Lot).

If you do not know this place, a quick glance at the video will probably make you want to discover the “best starry sky in mainland France”. It is indeed at this place that we find a plateau where light pollution is at its minimum, somewhere between Rocamadour and the Célé valley. The result: many astronomy enthusiasts meet there to admire the sky, bringing their own instruments or using those made available to the public. A perfect place to reconnect with nature, and the cosmos.

3. Alternative places in which to relax and reconnect with nature

Finally, here are some great tips and alternatives to renting a detached house to get away from it all, that you might not have thought of, or that you probably didn’t know.


Vipassana (“seeing things as they really are”) is one of the oldest meditation techniques in existence. According to legend, the technique of Vipassana was rediscovered by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) between the 6th and 5th centuries BC, i.e. more than 2,500 years ago. He apparently taught this technique of meditation as a remedy to cure all the ills in the world.

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The basic principle is quite simple: for a certain number of days (we usually start with ten days), the participants meet in a meditation center. During this time, they are not allowed to speak, nor the right to any distraction. Phones, computers, books, music, etc: everything is banned. By finding himself with himself for only companion and only distraction, the individual is compelled to return to himself – and thus begins the process of meditation.

You can learn a little more by going to this website. To note that Vipassana classes are free – no participation is required, neither for accommodation, nor for food, nor for teaching. A voluntary donation is possible – and will be used to finance the courses of the following students.

Nomador and Trusted housesitters

Finally, another alternative to renting an isolated house in the middle of nature is to do housesitting. For my part, thanks to the site Nomador, I spent seven months locked in a house in the Laurentians, on the edge of a frozen lake, keeping a cat, and writing. The most famous site (and therefore the one with the most offers) is Trusted Housesitters. But if you don’t speak English very well, I would recommend Nomador to increase your chances of being able to chat in French.

Renting an isolated house: where to go green?

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