Repairing an iPhone will soon become easier for everyone

Démontage iPhone 12

The idea would be to reduce its carbon footprint. Judge for yourself: Apple has designed a “Half” of iPhone 12, not including the screen or the triple main camera, which can be replaced in a few screwdrivers. This includes the parts necessary for the operation of Face ID, the battery, the motherboard, materials related to wireless charging, the rear glass pane and the vibrator.

Goal ? Easily repair a smartphone whose back side has broken, for example. It would then suffice, in fact, to detach it with all the rest of the block described above to be able to come and deposit the new part. What should not a priori change even if all the other components in question are indeed intact. Of course, it’s better than replacing the entire iPhone, but we are still far from a real environmental breakthrough where each part would be independent.

Recycling at the heart of the questions

Also compatible with the unpopular iPhone 12 mini, this value proposition is reminiscent of that of the Daisy robot. The latter, officiating internally at Apple, is responsible in particular for disassembling obsolete mobiles to recover reusable metals and thus reduce the cost of new models -new- to be produced for future buyers.

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This type of strategy, which is particularly profitable in the long term because it also makes it possible to free itself from subcontractors, allows Cupertino to generate millions of additional income without necessarily employing more labor. One of the obvious reasons why the firm continues to be cited as an example by many investors for its financial growth foolproof, no offense to the authorities pointing the finger at COVID-19 as a brake on economic development.

Many eligible countries

According to our blog colleagues MacRumors, most of authorized service centers by Apple would benefit from this novelty shortly. The source indicates that this information comes directly from the offices of the manufacturer, for whom the policy of secrecy is sometimes difficult to maintain in the long term.

However, it is not clear exactly when this equipment will be deployed, but it would be a logistics operation on a global scale. It is therefore quite possible that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini of the French are entitled to a express repair in the coming weeks.

Apple iPhone 12 mini 64 GB

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