Republican Blake Masters to give away NFT to people who fund his campaign for the US Senate

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Republican Blake Masters to give away NFT to people who fund his campaign for the US Senate For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The NFT correspond to the cover of the book “Zero to One” written by him with Peter Thiel, and the proposal aims at a type of public much more related to digital currencies and collectibles in this format.


The Republican candidate for US Senate For the state of Arizona, Blake Masters announced that he will be donating digital collectibles in the form of NFTs to all those enthusiasts who are willing to finance his political campaign.

Masters will offer NFT who finances your campaign

Although the proposal may sound a bit curious, the truth is that the idea that officials and political candidates use new technologies to finance their campaigns has always been on the table, especially taking advantage of the most popular topics and / or topics in the world. time to attract the knowledgeable and interested public, such as the NFTs.

In this case, Masters announced that it would give in digital format to those who finance its campaign an NFT associated with the popular book Bestseller “Zero to One”, which the aspiring senator co-wrote with billionaire investor Peter Thiel, in which they guide readers on how beyond the academic curriculum and college fees can open up innovation opportunities for future generations.

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The NFT in question correspond to the cover of said book, which will be awarded to people who donate USD $ 5,800 to finance the Masters candidate on his way to the US Senate. The interesting thing about the proposal is that it ensures that it will reimburse the sponsors the 50% of invested capital if unsuccessful and elected as a representative for the state of Arizona.

Targeting another type of audience

With respect to NFT, It is known that only 99 units of the collectible will be available and that the image will be somewhat different from the physical book, since it will be a special edition that varies in design, signed by both Masters and Thiel. It is not known in what Blockchain The digital asset will be minted, but the owner of it will have access to other more exclusive things, such as private chats via Discord with the candidate, as well as a ticket to a private event directed for those who supported the official’s campaign through this mechanism.

In this regard, Masters commented:

“This is the first NFT we issued to help share the interesting story of the book and to help raise money for my campaign in the US Senate. So that we can help use ‘Zero to One’ thinking to save America on the brink of destruction. “

The candidate also made it clear in an interview that the measure targets a different type of audience, referring to “Those people who are less conventional political donors, more founders and builders, who want to see new ideas and energies within politics.”

The interesting thing about the case is that despite representing the party Republican and openly support former President Donald Trump, Masters seems to differ with the latter in relation to cryptocurrencies and digital assets, since he would be open to Bitcoin donations to finance his candidacy, and will now offer NFT’s to those who support him on his way to the US Senate.

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