Review of our road trip in New Brunswick

Review of our road trip in New Brunswick

Here is the summary of our road trip in New Brunswick in summer. For this new 17-day road trip, we decided to leave Quebec to discover the province of New Brunswick. We left Montreal going north (as for the Gaspé), then heading east to reach New Brunswick. We were thus able to make a loop that runs along the coast of the province. On the program: Mount Carleton Park, Acadia, Moncton, the Bay of Fundy, Saint Andrews, Grand Manan Island and Fredericton. Here is our review of these 17 days of road trip in New Brunswick: favorites, disappointments, advice and budget. We tell you everything!

Review of our road trip in New Brunswick: our favorites

Rental of our RV: truck and cell

It is the crush on the whole line. By embarking on this new adventure, we are adding a major challenge with VR. But after a few hours of driving, you finally feel very comfortable driving this huge machine. The truck is very comfortable and super powerful which allows safe driving at all times. The cell offers real comfort wherever you are. We like to have all our things close at hand, to be able to cook at all times, to take a hot shower every night. But above all, to be able to sleep in unusual places… A mode of travel that we intend to adopt again! To rent an RV in Canada, we once again went through the comparator Motorhome Republic.

Kitchen with a view VR road trip New Brunswick Canada

Interior VR road trip New Brunswick Canada

Sunset VR road trip New Brunswick Canada

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy was the highlight of our trip and of course, it met all of our expectations. The landscapes are sublime, the tides will amaze you while the “flower pots” will become your landmarks along the coast. Like us, we advise you to discover it from the lookouts on the coast, but also from a kayaking session in the Hopewell Rocks park or by taking to the heights of the peaks of the region. A treat for sure!

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sunset Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy

Seals of the Bay of Fundy

Beyond being able to observe them closely in their natural environment without disturbing them, it is our entire experience with Phocatour that seduced us. An excellent atmosphere on the boat, a team with communicative good humor and memories full of head. We would almost fall in love with these pretty little faces floating next to us!

seals kouchibouguac national park

Fredericton, the unexpected crush

We didn’t have any special expectations on our visit to Fredericton. And the vagaries of the GPS allowed us to discover some of the residential areas of the city and then walk around the city center. And as much to say to you that it is the only city during our road trip in New Brunswick where we wondered if we could live there… It is to say if we were allured by the old quarter of the completely redeveloped Garrison, its lounge cafes and local shops. Very beautiful houses a stone’s throw from the city center and the St John river will end up making us dream …

Our disappointments are also part of this review of our road trip in New Brunswick

Mosquitoes on Lamèque and Miscou Islands

We were warned, however, the Lamèque and Miscou islands are known to be the hunting grounds for many mosquitoes, especially during the summer months. We were then ready and equipped: mosquito nets on all the windows and doors of the RV, mosquito repellent in all the backpacks and in the car … But our arrival early in the morning near the Miscou lighthouse will still earn us sacred bites. in unsuspected places (skulls, inside of the elbows, on the back through the T-shirts. In other words, they are tough! You have been warned!

Miscou Lighthouse Road trip New Brunswick

Kouchibouguac National Park

Often mentioned as an essential stopover during a road trip in New Brunswick, we were disappointed by Kouchibouguac National Park. The 2 beaches are not exceptional. During our visit, they were covered with algae. It is also possible to find very beautiful beaches, free and without algae a few kilometers along the coast. For us, this is not a must.

Tips, advice and tips for a road trip in Gaspésie

First, our RV road trip in New Brunswick

After our road trip in Gaspésie by car, we decided to be independent and autonomous for our road trip in New Brunswick. So this time we opted for the rental of an RV (recreational vehicle) composed of a Ford 3500 truck and a self-supporting cell (Maxi Travel Camper). Rented at CanaDream via the comparator Motorhome Republic for $ 3619 for 17 days with 2 drivers, unlimited mileage and insurance included. As we did it at the last moment, rental 2 days before leaving), it is possible to pay less for your RV rental. For this, I advise you to do it in advance and especially avoid starting and ending your rental on a weekend.

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RV wilderness camping road trip New Brunswick Canada

Elo in the VR roadtrip New Brunswick Canada

The cost of renting is a budget on its own, but it’s a much more convenient mode of travel. You can go anywhere thanks to the power of the 4 × 4: from the trail to the gravel path, including mud and dirt roads.

This great autonomy (about 3 or 4 days with the clean water tank full and the gray and black water tanks empty at the start) allowed us to sleep in incredible and free spots throughout the duration of our road trip to New Brunswick (except 1 night). We use the free iOverLander application to find the spots, but also the dump points (to empty the water and fill the tank).

Then, planning the round trip

We are leaving Montreal again to reach New Brunswick. It is as far as the Gaspé, at the other end! This is why we have decided to cut the road in several stages. We always start with several solutions to sleep the 1st night depending on the speed at which we advance. As it was our first time with such an imposing RV, we decided to pass Quebec on the outward journey and sleep a little after. It is during the 2nd day that we cross the border between the 2 provinces. 2 beautiful days of travel which are essential before enjoying it more quietly.

Being independent in meals, to sleep, to shower really allows you to take the opportunity to drive a little more or on the contrary stop at an incredible spot. Like an impression of living without constraint …

Then the banks to travel on a road trip free of charge

To avoid bank charges, we invite you to consult our article to the banks that we have chosen to travel free of charge. We have of course used our Canadian cards without changing currency, but the good deals with the HelloBank card (or ScotiaBank for that matter) and payments with the card N26 remain excellent advice for Europeans. No bank fees and free bank cards with HelloBank and N26. The perfect combo for traveling to Canada!

To benefit from sponsorship offers, do not hesitate to send us your email address by email, everyone wins!

  • N26: the sponsorship offer is € 10 euros for you and € 15 for us. Click on this link here.
  • HelloBank! : the sponsorship offer is 80 euros for you and 20 euros for us.
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Finally, insurance for well-covered travel in New Brunswick

Once is not customary, we always take stock of the travel insurance we have before leaving on a trip. And although we have stayed in the same country this year, it seems risky to us to explore the world without any assurance whatsoever for us or our business.

And for countries where healthcare is very, very expensive like Canada, we can only recommend that you take out travel insurance for you and your loved ones. If you don’t want to get into the puzzle of insurance contracts, we have prepared a comparison of the main travel insurance. So don’t take any risks, vacations are important; but health is sacred!

Finally, the results of our road trip in New Brunswick, budget side

For these 17 days in New Brunswick in August, we got it for $ 5,239 CAN (3,486 euros) for 2 people all inclusive from Montreal (1 Canadian dollar = 0.67 euros).

Balance sheet Budget Road trip New Brunswick

It is obviously the rental which represents the majority of the budget since the RV in fact compensates for the vehicle, the nights in the accommodation as well as the vast majority of the meals. Then comes gasoline, road trip requires, the gasoline budget is an important item. Finally, visits and activities as well as food (mainly groceries in supermarkets) come in 3rd position.

We found the entry fees to the New Brunswick parks very reasonable (often a price per vehicle and not per person). The souvenirs mainly correspond to the equipment that we bought to equip ourselves during the trip (folding table, duvet and plaid) and that we will reuse in our next trips!

Our RV road trip New Brunswick Canada

And you, what is the outcome of your last road trip? What did you think of your road trip in New Brunswick? What are your main sources of expenses?

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