Ricardo Montaner ‘explodes’ in networks against Evaluna and Camilo for not being with Indigo

Ricardo Montaner 'explodes' in networks against Evaluna and Camilo for not being with Indigo

The birth of Indigo drives the new grandfather crazy, Ricardo Montanerwho now showed that he is a little overprotective with the newborn, because in social networks he took the opportunity to give his daughter a brief “scolding” Evaluate Montaner and his son-in-law, Camilo.

The famous singers went dancing without Indigo, her baby who was barely a month old a few days ago. And it is that The 64-year-old singer has become very close to the little girl, with whom he has lived since he came into the world, for which he showed his “concern.”

Ricardo was very excited from the first moment that his daughter let him know that she was expecting her first baby. After revealing the news, the artist was in charge of giving details about Evaluna’s pregnancy and what the birth would be like, so now that Indigo was born, he has not missed an opportunity to be with her and share some photos.

And it is worth noting that Camilo started “From inside to outside Tour” and chose Mexico to start his first dates. The Colombian artist does not want to be away from his family, especially now that his baby is very small and he is in charge of changing his diapers.for that reason Evaluna Montaner and Indigo will accompany him in each of his presentations.

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Ricardo Montaner 'explodes' in networks against Evaluna and Camilo for not being with Indigo

On his Instagram account, the interpreter of “Tutu” published a Reel in which he is seen dancing with his wife the new song “Pegao”, which he released last week along with the music video in which Indigo makes his debut. The artists made a choreography that is already going viral on the Meta social network and on TikTok.

Said publication reached Ricardo Montaner, who replicated the clip in his Instagram stories, where he noticed the great absentee, his little granddaughter and published: “… where is ÍNDIGOOOOO?”, placed in the subtitles of his post, and although for many it was a wake-up call for the interpreters of “For the first time”, others indicate that it is part of the family’s humor, since the singer also wrote “I love them”.

The interpreter of “I’m going to miss” has shown to have an excellent relationship with Camilo, who married his daughter in 2020, after five years of courtship. The singer of “So in love” publishes photos of him in the official accounts along with his son-in-law, whom he supports in his artistic career.

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