Rita Ora fights against age discrimination

Rita Ora fights against age discrimination

As other stars already did when they were accused of being too “old” to dedicate themselves to pop, the interpreter has claimed her right to express herself artistically regardless of her age.
Maybe the singer Rita prays He is only 29 years old and, in that sense, he has not yet begun to receive those absurd ridicules of which artists such as Madonna, Cher and others even younger than them on account of their decision to continue with their facets of stars of the pop despite his age.

“The problem is that my insecurities increase when I read certain comments about my age. And I start to think: ‘I am no longer as young as before, I am no longer the new and groundbreaking girl of my beginnings’ », explained the music star in conversation with the magazine NME.

«And then I remember that J.Lo had his first great opportunity in the industry when he had already entered his thirties»he added.

Pray He also admitted that his physical image will be progressively altered over the years, but in any case the passage of time does not necessarily imply that he will lose his attractiveness or his right to project his sexuality.

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«I can proudly say yes, that my appearance is part of my work and my musical proposal. I feel very comfortable in my own skin and with my body, although that also gives some the opportunity to say: ‘Well, you’re getting older.’ ”

“And that’s silly, you can look wonderful at any age, and in any case, that scrutiny doesn’t apply to men. They are never asked how old they are »he concluded.

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